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Favourite fan welfare is coming strongly! Little Swan double washing station "housework elimination" Mini Program surprise launch

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Marriage is the beginning of a happy family for two people, but when life returns to daily necessities, who will do the laundry after marriage? Who sweeps the floor? Who mopped the floor? Such as these household chores, become an insurmountable "mountain" in front of the newlyweds.

As a national household appliance brand, Little Swan has an insight into the pain points of newlywed families and innovates to launch double washing stations, creatively combining washing machines, floor sweepers and floor washers, with the innovative form of "one machine against three machines". One-stop to solve tedious housework problems such as laundry and mop, and help newlyweds liberate their hands.

In order to let more newlyweds immerse themselves in this innovative product, this December Little Swan Shuangshuang Station has created a theme activity of "adding New things to a New Home", which helps to unlock household cleaning problems through multiple interactions and experiences both online and offline. Huanxin home quality life.

Following early December, the Little Swan double washing Station launched a group wedding ceremony all over the country to add new clothes to the couple's new home and attract many newlywed families to sign in on the spot. On December 14, the "housework elimination" Mini Program of Little Swan Shuangwash Station was officially launched. As one of the "surprises" of this theme activity, Little Swan Shuangshuang Station favourite fans put big moves, participate in "housework clearance" interesting interactive games, gold bars, wash care gift boxes, double baptism station new products and other super surprise gifts for you to smoke!

"housework elimination" Mini Program went online, and Little Swan double washing station added new food to the new home.

It is understood that the "housework elimination" Mini Program of the Little Swan double washing station brings double surprises of the national carnival [lazy housework battle] and the newlywed exclusive [newlywed housework battle], so that the whole people can participate. At the same time, the game uses the interactive form of "housework elimination", which can be said to be greatly inspired, novel and interesting, and full of creativity. From now on, users can search for "housework elimination" through WeChat Mini Programs to participate and unlock a new way of housework cleaning.

From December 14 to January 15, you will win a lucky draw if you participate in the National Carnival [Battle of lazy housework] and successfully break through the challenge. You will have the opportunity to draw surprise gifts such as custom-made 5g gold bars with a value of 108 yuan, gift boxes worth 108 yuan, and gifts around Goose Xiaotian.

From December 14 to December 31, newlyweds who participate in the "bridal housework Battle" will receive lucky draw numbers and participate in the lucky draw worth 7999 yuan (the event is limited to newlyweds who receive marriage certificates from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023). Of course, even if you don't win the lottery for the first time, you don't have to be discouraged. With the help of Little Swan, you can also win many extra lottery opportunities. If you don't have a lot of big prizes and surprise benefits, don't get involved as soon as possible!

The artifact of the lazy man helps newlywed families unlock housework.

Nowadays, young newlyweds advocate individual freedom, do not like to do housework, and pursue the quality of home life more. For newcomers, a household appliance which can efficiently and conveniently solve the tedious housework problems such as laundry and mop is essential. On the other hand, the Little Swan double washing station integrates laundry and mop cleaning cool techs, which can comprehensively complete many household cleaning processes such as laundry cleaning and floor sweeping and mop at one time, so that "laundry sweeping and mop, one is in place". So that newly married family users only need to spend twice the price, can get three times the happiness!

Tedious housework should not be a burden on newlyweds. This time, Little Swan double wash station online "housework elimination" game interaction, aimed at "housework elimination" fun game, so that users in the fun of the game, release the tedious "housework" labor pressure, help users liberate their hands, convey the concept of "liberating users' hands, improving the quality of life at home", so that newlyweds can be liberated from time-consuming housework and leave more time to enjoy the fun of life. More space to create a new home to enjoy, to do more meaningful things.

It is worth mentioning that the Little Swan double washing Station will also hold a "New Year's Day theme flash" activity in Changsha to bring more new surprise welfare activities for newlyweds.

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