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Red Devil 9 Pro / Pro + mobile phone repair spare parts price announced: screen 1050 yuan, black / transparent back cover 160 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, the official website of the Red Devils mobile phone announced the price of 9Pro / Pro + maintenance spare parts, the labor cost is 50 yuan, the motherboard price is based on the storage size of 2950 yuan, the screen maintenance price is 1050 yuan (screen retention), the price of no screen is 1450 yuan, and the price of black and transparent back cover is 1450 yuan. is organized as follows:

12GB+256GB motherboard: 2950 yuan

16GB+256GB motherboard: 3350 yuan

12GB+512GB motherboard: 3350 yuan

16GB+512GB motherboard: 3500 yuan

24GB+1T motherboard: 4550 yuan

Black / transparent silver front shell assembly (retention screen): 1050 yuan

Black / transparent silver front shell assembly (no screen): 1450 yuan

Black / transparent black / transparent silver rear shell assembly: 160 yuan

Front camera: 60 yuan

50m main camera: 240 yuan

Wide-angle camera: 70 yuan

Battery: 180 yuan

Labor fee: 50 yuan for software upgrade, 50 yuan for first-level maintenance, 100 yuan for second-level maintenance, 150 yuan for third-level maintenance, 200 yuan for liquid maintenance; zero-level material users buy directly, no longer charge labor fee; labor fee is calculated according to the highest maintenance level. noted that the Red Devil 9 Pro series uses a 6.8inch fifth-generation "super comprehensive screen", Q9 + luminous material under the initial screen, resolution 2480 × 1116, support 120Hz refresh rate, 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming + DC dimming.

Red Devils 9 Pro Night Knights: 8+256GB 4399, 12+256GB 4799, 12+512GB 5199

Red Devils 9 Pro deuterium Front transparent Dark Night / Blade: 12+256GB 4999 yuan, 12+512GB 5399 yuan

Red Devils 9 Pro+ Night Knights: 16+256GB 5499, 16+512GB 5799, 24GB+1TB 6999

Red Devils 9 Pro+ deuterium Front transparent Dark Night / Blade: 16+256GB 5699 yuan, 16+512GB 5999 yuan.

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