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Sources say that the main camera of Apple's iPhone 16 Pro phone uses a stackable sensor, which is upgraded to 4800 megapixels in ultra-wide angle.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, according to Tech_Reve, the X platform source, Apple switched to 4800 megapixel 1.22 μ m stackable sensor (CIS) in the iPhone 16 Pro phone and increased the pixel of the ultra-wide-angle camera to 48 million. noted that the current iPhone 15 Pro phone uses a standard 12MP 1.4 μ m sensor, and switching to a stackable sensor can expand the dynamic range of imaging.

In addition, Tech_Reve mentioned that Apple also plans to use a 1.14-inch 4800-megapixel 1.4 μ m sensor module in the iPhone 17 Pro and increase the pixels of the telephoto lens to 4800 megapixels.

▲ evaluation room: Apple iPhone 15 Pro and according to previous reports, Guo Mingyi mentioned in August that Apple plans to switch to stackable rear camera sensors for the entire iPhone 16 line, which is made by Sony and is expected to be a double (Photodiode + Pixel) crystal pixel architecture (2-Layer Transistor Pixel).

Guo Mingyi: Apple iPhone 16 Series adopts stackable rear camera sensor design.

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