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The second round of registration for Guangdong consumption coupons opened: a new 666 yuan "warm winter coupon" was added, and a total of 1020 million coupons were issued in the first round.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 18, Guangdong "Guangdong consumption Guangdong wonderful" consumption coupons the second round of booking has now been opened, a new 666 yuan "warm winter coupons", the first round has signed up consumers automatically enter the second round. At present, the expansion of participating merchants continues to accelerate, and the list of merchants has been optimized.

Winning users do not need to download other App or applications, directly use WeChat Pay, automatic deduction write-off.

According to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, the first round of consumer coupons reached 105 million people in the province, issuing a total of 10.2 million coupons. At present, the first round of consumption coupons have been distributed to the Wechat accounts of the winning users and can be used by participating merchants in the province. noted that the second round of coupons is still conducted by "booking registration and opening lottery online", which can be attended by consumers whose real-time geographic location of the device is in Guangdong Province and has opened a real-name WeChat Pay authentication account. Search for "Guangdong consumption coupons" on Wechat and click "subscription notice" or "sign up now" on Mini Program to participate in the event.

In the second round of activities, four types of consumption coupons remain unchanged: retail-to-store coupons, catering-to-store coupons, retail catering Mini Program coupons, and travel coupons. However, the discount intensity of some types of coupons increased, from 20% discount to about 30% discount, retail to store consumption coupons increased by 666.01 yuan minus 666 yuan "warm winter coupons."

In terms of discount intensity, the denominations of the above three types of consumption coupons are higher than those of the first round of activities, respectively: over 50 yuan minus 15 yuan, over 100 yuan minus 30 yuan, over 200 yuan minus 60 yuan, and over 400 yuan minus 120 yuan.

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