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Earth Chicken will push X2s mobile phone handle, focusing on 100 yuan gear with high performance-to-price ratio.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, Earth Chicken this month launched a 79.9 yuan Qixing handle, Hall rocker + linear trigger + three-mode connection is indeed cost-effective enough.

According to the official warm-up of Earth Chicken, the company will also launch a cost-effective X2s mobile phone handle that also focuses on 100 yuan stalls, which is known as "more than just rolls".

As can be seen from the official preheating, the handle has a stretchable design and is equipped with a complete handle rocker, trigger and keypad, but the exact configuration is not yet clear.

The handle of the X2s phone has been launched on the e-commerce platform, and the launch time and price have not yet been announced ( Note: the current price in the mall is not officially priced). Earth Chicken X2S game controller? Meta direct link

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