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Qunar & Huawei Cloud signed a comprehensive cooperation contract around cloud computing, AI, data services, etc.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18 (Xinhua)-- Beijing Chona Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Qunar) and Huawei Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (Huawei Cloud) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in Shenzhen today, according to Huawei Cloud official.

The two sides will give full play to the resources and technical advantages of their respective fields and conduct comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in cloud computing, AI, data services and other areas.

According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in the following areas:

AI Co-creation is based on Qunar industry data accumulation, combined with Huawei Cloud's long-term hard work and experience in AI and data processing, to carry out omni-directional and multi-level in-depth cooperation. Through the application of new technologies, promote data on the cloud, data governance, data intelligence, data security and other processes, give full play to the value and role of data, and achieve new technology-driven business innovation and growth.

Platform architecture upgrade Huawei Cloud provides Qunar with secure and reliable cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies and services, while cooperating with Qunar to upgrade in multi-dimensional cloud, continue to work in elastic computing, intelligent storage, data cloud and other aspects, to achieve Qunar's all-round improvement in technology architecture, data architecture, business architecture, application architecture, security architecture and so on.

Enhance disaster recovery capability Huawei Cloud formulates a detailed disaster recovery plan for Qunar, adopts strategies such as dual-active and asynchronous replication to ensure data integrity and reliability, and improves the disaster recovery capability of applications and infrastructure. Through the deterministic operation and maintenance idea to assist Qunar to quickly and effectively restore business operations in the event of a disaster, and to ensure customer data security and service quality.

Joint R & D innovation is based on Huawei Cloud's many years of experience in the field of technology research and development, giving full play to its advantages in R & D practice, cutting-edge concepts and engineering capabilities to help Qunar continue to make efforts in technology co-creation, solution co-creation, and tackling major problems, so as to speed up R & D joint innovation.

On the basis of Huawei terminal cloud service and Qunar's existing multi-field technological innovation, joint marketing and business cooperation, Yunyun Synergy will jointly explore more in-depth cooperation opportunities in more dimensions on the basis of Huawei terminal cloud service and Qunar's existing multi-domain technological innovation, joint marketing and business cooperation. to achieve the growth of commercial revenue between the two sides.

In addition, Qunar has started the development of Huawei Hongmeng native applications. According to a report by on November 15, this year, the cooperation between the two sides will integrate the functions such as travel booking, travel strategy, scenic spot tickets and itinerary planning into Huawei's intention framework, which will comprehensively perceive and understand users' intentions based on dimensional data such as time, location, device status, movement status and habits, and can recommend appropriate services to users at the right time.

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