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Lecker officially entered the Vietnam market: the first Lectra opened in Hanoi, with three models on sale.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, Link recently announced the official entry into the Vietnamese market, Vietnam's first Link space opened in Hanoi, and will be sold Link 09, Link 05 and Link 01 three models.

Since November 2021, Linkages has successfully entered the markets of Middle East countries such as Kuwait, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Oman, and has opened 5 Linkages centers and 2 Linkages spaces.

The interior layout of Hanoi Link Space is stylish and personalized, while incorporating Vietnamese local cultural elements, such as flower waterfall art installation at the main entrance, tea table transformed from Vietnamese drum, etc. notes that Linksys stores in Ho Chi Minh City will open in January 2024. In 2024, Linkages will also accelerate its expansion into markets such as the Philippines and Central Asia.

In recent years, Linke Automobile has made frequent sea movements. In 2020, it released the "European Plan." Offline experience stores are arranged in Amsterdam, Sweden, Gothenburg, Belgium, Antwerp and other places, taking a key step towards globalization.

In April 2021, Link01 PHEV set sail from Shanghai to Zebrugge, Belgium, fully opening the domestic and foreign "double circulation" and national car recall mode. At the end of 2022, Europe's tenth offline experience store opened in Milan, Italy.

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