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After Musk had a dispute with Disney CEO, Tesla's Disney + app was hidden.

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, Tesla's latest holiday update caused controversy, some owners after installing the update found that the Disney + Express app icon in the car entertainment system disappeared, suspected to have been removed. The move coincided with a public dispute between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger, prompting speculation about whether it was related to this and whether Musk used his authority to bring personal grievances into the public company's operations.

Earlier, because Disney participated in boycotting advertising on Musk's social platform X, Musk said on December 7 local time that Bob Iger "should be fired immediately" and "Bob's actions will make Walt Disney angry."

It is reported that after the affected owners installed this year's holiday update, the Disney + Express icon originally located in Tesla Theater app disappeared. It is worth noting that not all car owners are affected. It is reported that only owners who have never launched Disney+ apps will lose shortcut icons after updating. In addition, the app itself does not seem to have been deleted, but hidden from Tesla Cinema. Owners have found that shortcut icons reappear whenever they open Disney+ streaming sites through their car browsers. notes that this unexpected change quickly sparked heated debate, with many questioning whether the app icon was removed due to technical failure or intentional. As early as last week, Tesla told Disney that it would remove its app from some vehicles, but then changed its mind and limited it to owners who had never used the app. It is not yet possible to confirm the reason for the removal, and Tesla has not yet responded to the dissolution of its public relations department at the end of 2019.

If the removal of the Disney + app is indeed related to Musk and Iger's personal feud, it will undoubtedly have a negative impact on Tesla's brand image. Musk himself has held several positions, including SpaceX CEO, owner and chief technology officer, xAI founder, founder of The Boring Company, Neuralink co-founder, and Musk Foundation chairman. Now, if there is a potential connection between his personal feud and Tesla, a public company, it will inevitably raise concerns about conflicts of interest among shareholders and hold the board accountable.

Musk has always been known for his flamboyant behavior, and this change in the car app has once again pushed the tech icon to the forefront. Whether it was unintentional or deliberate revenge has not yet been determined.

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