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TestFlight data leak during 2012-2015: da 1.2TB, including unreleased Angry Birds and other games

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Shulou( Report--, December 19 (Xinhua)-- while exploring the Internet Archives (Internet Archive), its editors discovered a large number of old mobile games and applications from TestFlight with a cache capacity of up to 1.2TB, and later named it "teraleak", according to Eurogamer.

TestFlight is an Apple app that helps developers distribute Beta software, which allows developers to distribute applications to be tested to more than 10000 "testers".

According to the data currently exposed, "teraleak" covers old apps and games for the period 2012-2015 and should have been crawled from the TestFlight website in early 2015. The screenshot attached to is as follows:

It is not clear where the data came from, possibly from misconfigured cloud storage, with Amazon's CloudFront and AWS's S3 services mentioned in the time machine (Wayback Machine).

Before being acquired by Apple in early 2014, TestFlight allowed developers to test applications on iOS and Android. According to the archives, Apple shut down its old site in February 2015.

The cache was uploaded to Internet Archive by Archive Team in March 2015 and seems to have gone largely unnoticed since then. Apple and the Internet Archives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

According to Eurogamer, teraleak includes a number of unreleased games, including several Angry Birds games that did not enter the App Store. It seems that there are also some applications that were previously released on App Store but were later removed from the shelves, such as "Infinity Blade".

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