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Star Meizu Group won the International CMF Design Award Gold Award Meizu 20 INFINITY to show the beauty of Chinese intelligence

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Shulou( Report--

On December 14,2023, at the 2023 International CMF Design Conference, Meizu 20 INFINITY smartphone designed and built by Xingji Meizu Group won the 2023 International CMF Design Award-Gold Award for its ultimate pure design aesthetics, material art and innovative craftsmanship. The award means that Meizu 20 INFINITY's ingenuity and innovative design have been certified by international authorities and highly recognized by the industry.

The International CMF Design Award is regarded as one of the mainstream awards recognized by the global design community. It is initiated by the International CMF Design Conference. The jury consists of well-known experts from design, industry and research institutions around the world to select each entry in a fair and rigorous process. The CMF Design Award is the world's first special award focusing on CMF (color, material, craft, pattern), aiming to recognize the world's outstanding CMF design works, improve people's recognition and attention to CMF, and jointly think about CMF's innovative value, social value, humanistic value and commercial value.

Meizu 20 INFINITY, the winner of the 2023 International CMF Design Award-Gold Award, adopts Infinite Design unbounded design language, realizing the positive boundless impression of "Frameless Design" for the first time in the industry, breaking the boundary between technology and art, and leading the exploration of unbounded aesthetics. As stated in the award speech: "Meizu 20 INFINITY adopts a new type of microcrystalline glass material, the rear cover touch design adopts the finest sand mold in the industry to achieve a unique silky touch on the surface, the camera adopts sapphire material to achieve an integrated design, and the middle frame adopts steel and aluminum composite materials to ensure the appearance quality and more lightweight grip; the diaphragm is realized by nano-level lithography and magnetron coating technology. "

Meizu 20 INFINITY is a mobile phone created for the leader of smart technology life and fashion. It pays attention to quality, attention to detail, and constantly pursues and explores the ultimate in technology in design and experience. The rear camera of Meizu 20 INFINITY gets rid of the limitation of traditional module, throws away the lens metal ring design, adopts integrated sapphire camera lens to create crystal dome unbounded lens, with extremely high wear resistance and scratch resistance.

Meizu 20 INFINITY not only has originality in appearance design, but also shows exquisite skills in material selection and craft production. The front and rear sides of Meizu Titan Glass also have a unique crystallization process with advanced feeling. With micro-crack treatment and ultra-fine sandblasting treatment, it feels as smooth as AG glass and improves its drop resistance by 4 times. The new Hybrid ultra-lightweight stainless steel is used in the middle frame of the whole machine, which not only reduces the weight by 30%, but also improves the heat dissipation efficiency of the mobile phone by 40%.

EYESEE Design Center of Xingji Meizu Group broke the limitation of traditional thinking in the design process of Meizu 20 INFINITY, abandoned many redundant designs, only retained the most core and pure elements, and strived to integrate minimalist, beautiful and advanced designs into one.

On November 30, Xingji Meizu Group released Meizu 21 flagship smartphone at the "2023 Meizu Autumn Unbounded Ecology Conference". Meizu 21 inherits and upgrades the classic "unbounded" design of Meizu 20 series, and once again realizes revolutionary breakthrough in technology. Meizu 21 with 1.74mm extremely narrow frame, challenge the world's narrowest physical four-sided, symmetrical balance to create extraordinary beauty, bring unprecedented new visual experience for users.

"Build an unbounded future with deep precipitation." Xingji Meizu Group won the International CMF Design Award-Gold Award this time, demonstrating the strong strength of Chinese brands in the field of scientific and technological innovation and original design. In the future, Xingji Meizu Group will continue to adhere to original design, actively promote the integration of technology and art, and bring more excellent products to consumers around the world.

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