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New tab adjustment for Android version of Google Chrome browser: site icon changed to carousel slide display

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- Google is actively adjusting its Android Chrome browser. In addition to last month's update to incorporate more Material You design elements into the new tab, the recently released Chrome 120 update has brought a new UI design to the new tab.

The new tab of the Android version of the Chrome browser displays the 4x2 grid by default, showing eight site icons, while in the new version, it is changed to the broadcast bar, which can display 4pm and 5 site icons.

At the same time, a recent change in the Android tablet makes the status bar above the tab bar have a dynamic color theme. After users open the dark theme, the status bar used to be black, but now it has been changed to a dark green similar to the address bar. The screenshot attached to is as follows:

Legacy view

New version of view

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