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Apple iPhone 15 Pro try "biochemical Evil 4: remake": unable to stabilize 30 frames

2024-05-21 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--, December 19 (Xinhua)-- the iPhone 15 Pro series boasts powerful 3A gaming capabilities, and Apple seems to be interested in turning the mobile phone market into a new game arena. Previous tests showed that the model performed well in running 3A-level games such as biochemical Evil Village, which once made people look forward to Apple's entry into the game field. However, biochemical Evil 4: remake, which is about to launch on iPhone, seems to have thrown cold water, and tests found that the game did not perform well on the iPhone 15 Pro. noted that blogger MrMacRight recently uploaded a video testing the performance of "biochemical Evil 4: remake" on iPhone 15 Pro, M1 iPad and M2 iPad, and found that the performance of iPhone 15 Pro is not optimistic. In the test, the game runs at 1560 × 720 resolution, and MetalFX sharpening technology is turned on. Although the frame rate of the iOS version is capped at 30FPS, iPhone 15 Pro often fails to achieve this goal.

In some relatively simple scenarios, the frame rate is stable and close to 30FPS. However, once you enter a battle or other more intense scene, the frame rate will plummet below 25FPS, or even as low as 20FPS, and the picture stutters seriously, seriously affecting the game experience. Especially when aiming with a sniper rifle, the performance drops off the cliff.

Unlike the "biochemical Evil Village" that recently logged into iPhone, the iOS version of "biochemical Evil 4: remaking" uses a preset picture quality and does not support custom settings. Although some options, such as motion blur and lens distortion, have been retained, the most anticipated ray tracing feature has not emerged, although Apple has previously trumpeted the ray tracing feature of its new chip.

One of the important reasons for poor performance may be the heat dissipation of iPhone. In the process of testing, the temperature of the mobile phone rises rapidly, which leads to the frequency reduction and speed limit, which further aggravates the stutter phenomenon.

Despite the disappointing performance of the iPhone 15 Pro, the iPad Pro with M2 chip runs the game well with higher resolution and more stable frame rate. For Apple users, it seems safer to choose iPad Pro if they want the best experience after the release of "biochemical Evil 4: remake" on December 20.

Biochemical Evil 4: remake will be launched on the iPhone / iPad / Mac platform on December 20, requiring iPhone 15 Pro series phones, iPad (equipped with M1 and subsequent chips) and Mac (equipped with M1 and subsequent chips).

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