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Mechanical revolution new lightweight game book exposed: 15.3 inch metal fuselage, new generation processor

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Shulou( Report--, December 19 (Xinhua)-- Mechanical Revolution said in July that it would launch a "Metal Storm" lightweight game book, and now has obtained the appearance and some configuration information of the laptop.

Mechanical Revolution this lightweight game will use a new mold, metal fuselage, white version for electrophoresis color. The fuselage weight is about 2kg and the thickness is about 2cm. The screen is a 15.3inch 16:10 screen that is not common on the market.

In terms of configuration, the new lightweight games of the mechanical revolution will use the new processors released by Intel and AMD early next year.

The Mechanical Revolution is expected to release the slim game early next year, which may have a cost-effective advantage in competing with Lenovo 9000X and ROG fantasy products.

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