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Microsoft Visual Studio ushered in AI suggested naming feature, which requires the use of paid GitHub Copilot Chat

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 message, Visual Studio Preview users using paid GitHub Copilot Chat extensions can now use AI to suggest the names of variables, methods, and classes.

Microsoft said the extension did not just suggest a name, but focused on the user's code style to "come up with identifiers that seamlessly fit your code base".

To use the new tool, the user can simply select an identifier, right-click, and then see a list of suggestions tailored to the code. Once the user finds the naming suggestion they want, simply press the Enter key to use it.

Of course, this feature is paid for, and users need to become GitHub Copilot subscribers. For individual users, the fee is $10 per month ( Note: currently about RMB71) or $100per year (currently about RMB714); for Copilot Business, it is $19 per user per month (currently approximately RMB136); for Copilot Enterprise, it is $39 per user per month (currently approximately RMB278).

After subscribing to GitHub Copilot, users need to install the latest version of Visual Studio Preview and update the GitHub Copilot Chat extension. Next, the user needs to go to option > GitHub > Copilot chat > and select the enable renaming suggestion option.

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