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Starting from February 2024, Tesla will be the first to open its overcharging network to Ford and General Electric vehicles.

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According to on December 19, Tesla will be the first to open its supercharging network across North America to electric vehicle owners of Ford and GM from February 2024.

Previously, almost all electric car manufacturers in North America have announced that they will use Tesla's NACS charging interface in future models, in order to access the huge super-charging network. Most manufacturers plan to provide adapters in 2024 and integrate the NACS interface directly into new cars from 2025.

Recently, when discussing the new supercharging station in the Farr West city planning committee, Jenny Pretare, Tesla's charging infrastructure design manager, revealed the details of the opening: Ford and GM owners will be the first batch of early adopters and will get the right to use the supercharging network in February 2024, provided their vehicles are equipped with compatible charging interfaces (probably adapters) and software to communicate with Tesla charging stations.

This means that owners of electric vehicles owned by Ford and GM will be able to use Tesla's supercharging station as early as February next year. Pretare also said that Tesla will open the overcharging network to other automakers in stages to avoid system overload. noticed that Tesla's previously equipped "Magic Dock" super charging station (integrated CCS adapter) is already open to all electric vehicles. But the new initiative goes a step further by selling adapters so that all non-Tesla owners can enjoy thousands of supercharging stations across North America.

This opening up measure is of great significance. Tesla super charging network is famous for its fast charging speed and wide coverage, and its opening up will greatly relieve the pressure on the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles in North America and promote the development of electric vehicles.

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