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Bosideng is a hot search for "expensive", analyzing the strategic roots behind the orientation of the East Pole.

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Recently, with topics such as the high price of down jackets and the rise of the average price of Bosideng to 1600 yuan, Bosideng, the leader of domestic down jackets, has attracted a lot of heated discussion, such as many netizens complain that Bosideng is too expensive and unworthy. And the monthly salary of 20,000 yuan is reluctant to buy Bosideng, and so on.

Some people in the industry even pointed out that Bosideng's high-end strategy is not ideal, and the growth of performance has slowed down year by year. Take the performance data for fiscal year 2022x23 as an example. In the last full fiscal year, Bosideng's revenue was about 16.7 billion yuan, an increase of only 3.5% over the same period last year. The effective contribution of high-end transformation to performance growth has not yet been seen, which is consistent with consumers' resistance to Bosideng's increasingly expensive mentality.

But is Bosideng really expensive? Why did it cause so much controversy? In theory, under the national trend, Bosideng, as the representative of domestic brands, should be welcomed by people, like Huawei and BYD, but why is Bosideng so much questioned?

As we all know, Huawei has been a great success in launching the high-end model Mate60, which is comparable to the price of the iPhone, and the extraordinary master series that cost far more than the iPhone, including BYD's launch of a million-class luxury car with a price comparable to that of Mercedes-Benz S-Class this year.

Although the consumer environment is not optimistic, the high-end of Huawei and BYD ushered in full of market praise, and even the national pride of the broad masses of Chinese. However, the average price of Bosideng is less than 2000 yuan, and the price of Moncler and Canadian geese is less than 1/5, which leads to so much controversy. This makes people wonder: is the quality of domestic down still far behind that of foreign brands?

In view of this phenomenon, we consulted Mr. Wang Bo, the founder of Dongji Positioning Consulting. Teacher Wang Bo worked in Trout for many years in his early years. Over the past 20 years, he has deeply studied Trout's positioning theory and Mao Zedong's strategic thinking, and has been focusing on helping Chinese enterprises to build national brands with correct positioning. He has many unique views on how to position national brands. Feihe milk powder is more suitable for Chinese baby physique. This classic positioning is the benchmark of teacher Wang Bo.

In response to Bosideng's hot search for luxury, teacher Wang Bo said that although this phenomenon has something to do with the consumer environment, the fundamental reason is that Bosideng does not have a real differential positioning, or Bosideng does not establish its own real differentiation value.

If a brand does not establish its own truly effective differentiation value against its core competitors, it is doomed to lead to a lack of sense of value in the minds of consumers, and it is easy for consumers to complain that it is too expensive to achieve a real high-end transition. In short, Bosideng does not establish a reasonable reason for its own high prices that consumers can accept.

Teacher Wang Bo pointed out that in recent years, Bosideng has been known as the strategic counterpart of Moncler and Canadian geese, and its core positioning slogan is: best-selling 72 countries in the world. However, from a competitive point of view, can 72 best-selling countries in the world form an effective distinction from Moncler and Canadian geese? Can you stand or even suppress Moncler and Canadian geese at the level of brand value?

Obviously not, because Moncler and Canada Goose are more international high-end big brands. Bosideng's pursuit of global bestsellers obviously cannot break the strong suppression of Bosideng by Moncler and Canadian geese on the consumer cognitive side. The competitive suppression of mental intelligence has not been broken, the value space of mental intelligence has not been opened, Bosideng is destined to be difficult to win the attention and popularity of the middle and high-end mainstream consumer groups, and the high-end strategy is doomed to be easily rejected by the market.

Moreover, in the down jacket market, domestic brands such as duck and Gaufin are also accelerating their efforts, and they can also sell their products to overseas markets, which is very easy to sell well in dozens of countries around the world at the level of brand communication. Ducks, for example, have begun to appeal in advertisements for the leading sales of down jackets in the world, and Gao Fan for love of royal stars around the world.

Therefore, the best-selling 72 countries in the world is not a differential competitive advantage that Bosideng can monopolize, not only can not break through the cognitive value of Moncler and Canadian geese, but also can not strongly suppress duck, Gao Fan and other domestic competitive brands.

In essence, from the perspective of Trout's positioning theory, the demand of 72 best-selling countries in the world is essentially a best-selling letter of trust, not a real differential value orientation, and does not reflect the difference of Bosideng's down jacket. What is the competitive advantage?

As Mr. Trout reminded in his book "different", highlight that hot sales can bring certain momentum to the brand, and its advantage is that it can prepare enterprises to establish a long-term concept of differentiation, but hot selling itself is not differentiation. Enterprises must establish their own real differentiation value on the basis of hot sales as soon as possible, otherwise the momentum will disappear soon.

In other words, if a brand only shows hot sales and does not find the differential value that can effectively distinguish its competitors, it is difficult to achieve a sharp rise in competitive potential energy, and it is difficult to get rid of the vortex of homogenization competition. it's hard to really achieve high-end transition.

Therefore, 72 best-selling countries in the world are not Bosideng's unique brand value, unable to form a significant distinction with competitors, difficult to promote a sharp rise in the sense of Bosideng brand value, and unable to support high-end upgrading.

Including the past two years, Bosideng also interspersed with other slogans, such as "leading the world in the scale of down jackets". However, will it be able to compete or even suppress core competitors Moncler and Canadian geese by taking the lead in scale? Can it attract middle and high-end consumers?

Obviously not. What is the first reaction of middle and high-end consumers when they see Bosideng surpass Moncler and Canadian geese in scale? Obviously, because Bosideng is very cheap and sells a large number of pieces, you can take the lead in scale.

Therefore, the demand for the world's leading scale precisely reflects that Bosideng is sold cheaply and is hardly attractive to middle-and high-end people. Is it similar to Xiaomi saying that it leads the world in sales, can it effectively impress middle and high-end consumers? Can it be effective against Huawei and Apple? It's hard. The first reaction of middle-and high-end consumers is that Xiaomi is really cheap.

In the airport advertisement, you can also see Bosideng's recent appeal: 47 years of hard work, time to witness the classic. But in terms of its long history, Bosideng obviously lags far behind Moncler and Canadian Goose, both of which have a history of 70 or 80 years. Including duck, also founded 4 years earlier than Bosideng, it can be said that duck has been working hard for you in the cold wind for 51 years.

Therefore, through these promotions, we can see that Bosideng did not find a really effective, able to stand or even suppress the differential positioning between Moncler and Canadian geese. 72 best-selling countries in the world, leading the world in the scale of down jackets, and 47 years of efforts, from the perspective of competitive potential energy, these demands are basically under the Moncler and Canadian geese, and it is difficult to break through the cognitive suppression of Moncler and Canadian geese.

Moreover, these demands are basically easy to be quickly followed by competitive brands such as ducks and ducks, and it is difficult to build real cognitive barriers. Ducks, for example, have begun to focus on down jackets for 51 years and take the lead in global down jacket sales.

This means that the more Bosideng seeks to sell well in 72 countries, take the lead in the scale of down jackets and work hard for 47 years, the more it will make consumers feel that Bosideng is more and more like a duck, more and more homogenized, with no essential difference from ducks. The price of duck down jacket is generally only 300,000 yuan, and there are top star endorsements such as Wang Yibo, which is no weaker than Bosideng's core spokesman, Yi Yi Qianxi. Therefore, it is normal and expected that Bosideng has been complained that it is too expensive and not worth it.

Recently, we can see that Bosideng has added a slogan to his public relations campaign: "World down jacket, China Bosideng, lead the new trend."

The question is, can't ducks say "down in the world, ducks in China"? Yes, of course. Can't Gao Fan talk about "down in the world, Gao Fan in China"? Of course you can.

To a certain extent, "World xx, China xx", this way of appeal, all Chinese head brands can be used, is a slogan with no differentiation value.

So how should Bosideng break the game? How to realize the high-end transition? Teacher Wang Bo said that if we want to truly break the situation and break the whirlpool of public opinion, Bosideng must make use of the rise of a great power to find its own real differential position. instead of simply relying on building certificates of confidence such as 72 best-selling countries, leading the world in scale, and working hard for 47 years, nor by increasing the volume of advertising, nor by inviting spokesmen such as Yi Qianxi and Yang Zi. All these resource inputs help to enhance Bosideng's competitiveness, but in essence, these are not Bosideng's differential positioning, nor Bosideng's real differential value.

In fact, the size of the Bosideng single brand is only about 12 billion, which basically has just returned to the peak state in 2012, and has not really made a qualitative breakthrough in the potential energy and mental status of the brand, far from breaking the strong suppression of foreign brands. If Bosideng wants to achieve a great breakthrough, it must establish its own differential value.

Just like Huawei and BYD. Why the price is so high, but it is still highly sought after by the Chinese, and even become proud of the people, widely praised by public opinion, because Huawei and BYD have established a clear competitive advantage of differentiation in the minds of consumers. For example, Huawei, which is positioned as a high-end independent research and development brand, has achieved far-leading competitive advantages in core technology areas such as satellite calls and self-developed chips, including BYD's own blade batteries.

And where is Bosideng's differential competitive advantage? What is the value of differentiation? Consumers don't know. There is no clear value of differentiation, just increase marketing communication resources and rigidly promote high-end products, which will not only lead to inefficient resources, but also stimulate the market to complain that it is too expensive and worthless. In the current consumption environment, it is easy to fall into a whirlpool of public opinion.

In the end, teacher Wang Bo pointed out that at present, many national enterprises of the order of 10 billion have emerged in various major industries in China, and how to lay out hundreds of billions or more in the future and build the world's leading national brands has become a major strategic issue generally faced by China's leading enterprises.

In this process, the correct differential positioning is the key to strategic success. In the era of the rise of great powers, how to choose the correct strategic orientation is not only testing Chinese enterprises, but also strategic positioning consulting institutions.

In recent years, in order to enlarge the charging scale, many positioning consulting organizations have greatly increased other consulting services, spent a lot of time and energy on the operational landing and tactical level, and no longer focus on establishing the correct positioning for the enterprise. lack of sufficient attention and awe to the definition of positioning, resulting in a large number of mispositioning cases.

The same is true for Chinese enterprises, many entrepreneurs often lack enough awareness and awe of strategic positioning, often think that positioning is very simple, read two books, simple planning, can make a positioning, the effect can be imagined.

Positioning determines the universe, positioning determines the hearts of the people, and plays a decisive and overall role in the development of enterprises. Positioning seems simple, such as fear of getting hot and drinking Wang Laoji and dividing the land among local tycoons. On the surface, it is only a simple slogan, but in essence it is a deep insight into industrial opportunities and a high-dimensional control of the competitive pattern. There are extremely high requirements for practitioners' professionalism and professionalism.

In the era of the rise of great powers, all major industries are calling for national brands. There is no doubt that the future of commerce will be dominated by Chinese national brands. We hope that the Chinese consulting community and the Chinese business community will be in high awe of the correct choice of strategic positioning, and that more outstanding Chinese enterprises can find their own differential positioning and lead the strategic upgrading of their enterprises with correct positioning. Layout to create a world-class national brand that Chinese people are proud of.

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