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Chuanyuan once again topped the smartphone market in Africa, with Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme in the top five.

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Thanks to netizens, soft media new friends 1933769, SNOS Snow for the delivery of clues!, December 19, the latest Canalys report shows that smartphones in Africa recovered strongly for two consecutive quarters in the third quarter of 2023, with shipments still up 12% year-on-year to 17.9 million units.

▲ source Canalys, the same as with TOP5 Q3 ranking:

Audio shipments reached 8.6 million, with a market share of 48%, an increase of 9% over the same period last year.

Samsung shipped 4.6 million units, with a market share of 26%, down 13% from a year earlier.

Xiaomi shipped 1.9 million units, with a market share of 11%, a year-on-year increase of 100%.

OPPO shipped 800000 units, with a market share of 4%, an increase of 259% over the same period last year

Realme shipped 600000 units, with a market share of 3%, an increase of 11% over the same period last year

Other brands shipped 1.5 million units, with a total market share of 8%, an increase of 24% over the same period last year.

Manish Pravinkumar, senior adviser to Canalys, said: "in the face of macroeconomic challenges, demand in the African market remains relatively stable. Despite the rapid depreciation of the currency, South Africa's smartphone market is still growing by 20%. This is mainly due to the strong demand at the entry level, which meets a large number of prepaid users. In addition, driven by power restrictions, demand for mid-range phones has also increased, while people are paying more and more attention to high-quality screens and long-range smartphones to meet their entertainment needs during power outages. "

Canalys predicts that despite significant growth in the third quarter of 2023, market expansion in the African region is limited and will achieve single-digit growth in 2024. Channel partners and manufacturers are grappling with challenges such as currency devaluation, increased import tariffs and government plans to promote local production, which could lead to soaring costs and prices. However, the financing solutions provided by operators and channel partners can greatly reduce the threshold for purchasing machines and increase the popularity of equipment.


In the third quarter of 2023, the smartphone market in Africa was resilient, growing by 12% despite macroeconomic fluctuations.

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