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(updated: repaired) "Himalayan avalanche" was posted on popular search, and netizens mistakenly thought it was "landslide".

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Thanks to netizens for the clues delivery of Xingxing, Hassy, ThreeDrops_Water, Jianqian, Mosheng, Chen Yuchen, Qingyi, zck and jingyu_! Update at 13:52: the official Himalayan Weibo said it has been urgently repaired and will not affect members' rights and interests. December 19 news, according to a number of partners contributed, Himalayan App service problems, in the case of members still prompt to buy before playing, there will be 502errors.

As of, "Himalayan collapse" has become the second most popular search on Weibo, but many netizens said they were "tricked in", mistakenly thinking that the earthquake caused "Himalayan collapse".

Himalaya is an audio sharing platform that brings together audio content such as audio novels, children's stories, crosstalk reviews, Beijing opera, news jokes, radio stations and so on.

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