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GOG plus one: free access to the survival action game "lost relics"

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, scroll survival action game "lost relics (Lost Ruins)" has been opened on the GOG platform exemption, you can get free before 23:00 on the 21st, once received can be permanently stored! noted that the game's configuration requirements are so low that most users'PC can be run.

Game introduction:

Lost relics is a 2D horizontal scroll survival action game. You are a schoolgirl who wakes up one day in a strange place and finds that you have lost all your memories. You will embark on adventures in the dark and dangerous underworld, destroy terrible monsters and leaders, and uncover secrets hidden in the depths of the labyrinth.

One day, a girl woke up in a dark underground maze and found that she had lost all her memories. Ambushed around numerous ferocious monsters, eyeing the girl covetously, fortunately, the wizard Beatrice came to the rescue. With the help of Beatrice, the girl embarked on a difficult journey. She is determined to find out the answer and uncover the secrets hidden in the lost ruins.


The game uses real-time combat mode, you will start a fast-paced battle with the enemy, methodical combat skills are the key to victory-chopping, scorching, or even diverting the enemy's shells and dealing with them in turn.

Using a variety of swords and axes, as well as other medieval weapons, the monster was chopped into mud.

Magic control, look at this! With scepters, drugs and hand scrolls, you can cast all kinds of spells in the game. Burn the monster to ashes, turn the leader into an ice bar, and even heal himself. Choose the spell that suits your game style and create your own magic hero!

Equip yourself

"lost relics" is an extremely dangerous world, even if you have the most powerful weapons, fully armed is not enough to defeat the enemy. You also need equipment-unique equipment with a variety of functions.

Some devices can block flames, others can detoxify them. Use the equipment to develop a wise strategy to make you invincible on the journey.

Make good use of the environment

As you venture into a dark underground labyrinth, everything around you can kill you. On the contrary, you can also take advantage of your surroundings.

As in the real world, the elements in the underground maze can interact with each other and produce a fatal reaction. For example, flammable liquids catch fire when they come into contact with lit lanterns, and ice spells can turn water into cold ice. The more you know about your surroundings and how to use them to your advantage, the more powerful you will become.

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