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Armor CM7 and CD8P series SSD pass PCIe 5.0test: maximum capacity 30 TB, maximum speed 14000 MB/s

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, 2009. Armor recently issued a new announcement, announcing that its CM7 and CD8P series NVMe drivers have been certified for compliance with the PCI Express 5.0 specification and the NVMe 2.0 specification.

Armor indicates that the above SSD can achieve a maximum read throughput of 14000 MB/s under PCIe X4 channel. translator Maulik Sompura, Senior Director of Product Marketing of Armor America, reads as follows:

NVMe and PCIe technologies are the present and future of solid state drives used by individuals and data centers, and we are always looking to bring cutting-edge drives to market using new performance maximization standards. Compliance with PCIe 5.0and NVMe 2.0specifications is critical to ensuring that our products are delivered as promised.

The official list of integrators in the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL) has been added to the armor CM7 series and CD8P series SSD.

Kerry Munson, Technical Operations Manager of UNH-IOL data Center, said: "the armor CM7 series and CD8P series SSD have passed rigorous tests in UNH-IOL and have been added to our list of NVMe integrators."

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