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Leiber launched VT9 Air dual-mode game mouse: translucent design, 4K wireless + 8K cable return, sold for 349 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! December 19 news, Leibo today on the e-commerce platform on a VT9Air dual-mode game mouse, mainly the original phase 3398 engine, support "4K wireless + 8K wired rate of return", sold for 349 yuan.

According to officials, the mouse uses a translucent shell design, weighs about 59 grams, supports 50-26000 DPI sensitivity, is equipped with OMRON 60 million micromovements, "C + separate keystroke technology" and "V + wireless gaming technology" to achieve 0.25ms response speed.

In terms of battery life, the mouse has an 800mA battery and takes about 3 hours to recharge, allowing up to 180 hours of wireless battery life under the 1Khz rate of return.

The details of mouse parameters attached to are as follows: Leibo VT9 Air game mouse 349 yuan direct link

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