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Ford Fmur150 Lightning pickup new patent: creating multi-purpose front suitcase

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, since Tesla launched the Cybertruck, American consumers have been comparing it with the Ford Fmur150 Lightning.

Both models are positioned as medium-sized electric pickups with a starting price of about $60,000, while one advantage of Ford's FMI150 Lightning is that the front suitcase is almost twice as large as the Cybertruck.

According to Ford's latest technology patent application, the company hopes to further expand its advantages to provide car owners with a richer and more powerful storage expansion experience.

The patent, entitled "including the front suitcase of the removable platform", further expands the advantage of the front suitcase by folding and expanding. The draft patent attached to is as follows:

Ford's design divides the front suitcase into two parts, the front changed to a drawable drawer, and the rear is now transformed into three lockers.

The design takes into account a variety of future application scenarios, including outdoor cooking, object placement, rest support, and so on.

Ford also said in its patent that the front suitcase is equipped with additional USB Type-C and 240V sockets to accomplish more tasks.

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