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Parents should learn the lesson of underage civil air defense addiction.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the Game working Committee of the China Audio and Digital Association, the China Game Industry Research Institute and Gamma data jointly released the 2023 Progress report on the Protection of minors in China's Game Industry (hereinafter referred to as the report). Survey data show that in terms of underage users' behavior, their preference for rest time to choose games is only the sixth, 28.86% of minors' game consumption shows a downward trend, and 56.26% of parents agree on play conditions with their children or use play as an incentive. From the perspective of social public opinion, attention to the "playing time of minors" has dropped significantly by 70%. The above research results clearly reflect that under the control and constraints of relevant policies, the strict implementation of enterprises and the cooperation of all sectors of society, the phenomenon of minors' addiction has been effectively alleviated.

However, in addition to a series of changes, the protection of minors is still faced with many challenges, such as identity verification, abnormal consumption refund, and inadequate supervision of some parents. a large number of work practice shows that the protection of minors will still be a long-term and systematic project.

Children falsely use identity information and mobile devices? Parents should not be indulged.

Since the full implementation of the new policy on the protection of minors in 2021, real-name authentication has become the core means to identify the identity of game users as minors, and the duration and consumption of minors have been regulated to a reasonable range. However, there are still some minor users who choose to use adult information for real-name authentication in order to bypass this system protection mechanism.

According to the results of the survey of student groups in the report, 32.86% of people will register with their parents or other people's ID cards, and 11.95% choose to share an account with their parents. The survey results of families with minors' overtime games show that 35.28% of parents know that their children use parental identity information to sign up for accounts, and 26.07% of parents will let their children use their parents' mobile phones to play games.

From this, it is not difficult to see that it is almost a common phenomenon for minors to use parents' identity information and mobile devices to avoid addiction, and in this process, some parents can not educate, stop, or even provide "convenience" for their children's games, which directly weakens the ability of observation and supervision of minors' game behavior on the enterprise side and anti-addiction platform side. It also increases the risk of minors using parents' accounts for consumption.

A few days ago, the Guangzhou Intermediate people's Court issued a final judgment on a lawsuit over recharge and refund of minors. The court found that because the parents of the children failed to fulfill their guardian supervision obligations, they allowed them to recharge their games and rejected all their claims, including refund, by helping them pass facial recognition certification. The judgment shows that NetEase has taken preventive measures that far exceed the legal requirements, taking the initiative to protect minors against addiction through technical means such as big data positioning and face recognition, while the parties fail to fulfill their legal guardianship obligations. and laissez-faire use with practical action is the important reason for causing underage games and completing all kinds of consumption.

There are many difficulties in the overall popularization of face recognition.

In view of the phenomenon that minors bypass the phenomenon of anti-addiction by various means, many enterprises have taken more measures and technical tools to monitor the abnormal game behavior of suspected minors. Among them, face recognition technology is a popular solution from all walks of life.

According to the report, 50.12% of the surveyed users will stop the game after encountering a pop-up window, while 21.94% will turn to their parents for help for authentication. It can be seen that when parents do not replace the face of their children, face recognition technology can prevent most minors who falsely use adult identity information from indulging in games. For example, NetEase's mobile game "Egg Party" has previously announced that it will access the face recognition mechanism for high-risk people in all channels, and has intercepted more than 5 million suspected underage players' recharging behavior in the past two months.

From the practical exploration effect of the "egg party", it is true that the introduction of face recognition is a more efficient and accurate protective measure, but there are still many difficulties in popularizing this technology in the whole industry.

On the technical level, in the game process where face recognition plays a more significant role, game enterprises need to identify suspicious accounts before triggering them. This recognition process requires game enterprises to continuously track and analyze the behavior of users in the game. However, most game enterprises do not have such technical capabilities. In terms of information security, the introduction of face recognition has higher requirements for the ability of enterprises to ensure information security, which makes enterprises face additional operating costs and legal risks.

Therefore, while promoting the popularization of face recognition, game manufacturers will also provide parents with a convenient cooperation platform to manage their children's games. For example, NetEase's parent care platform has one-click prohibition of recharge and one-click prohibition of login functions. Parents only need to bind their children's game accounts to achieve "one-click" management.

Parents should not be absent from the construction of perfect minors to protect the ecology.

Under the "sheep-herding" management, no matter how strict and comprehensive the protection system is, I am afraid it will not work effectively. The protection of minors is not only a subject that can be done by relying solely on policy constraints and the technology of game manufacturers. Every parent has the duty of guardianship of their children, and scientific management can ensure their children's healthy games and happy life.

In the newly released "report", there are several other findings that are quite intriguing. In terms of underage user behavior, interaction with parents has become the first choice for most minors during rest, accounting for 51.43%, while playing online games ranks sixth among all statistical options. On the one hand, this shows that minors have a stronger desire for parental company from the bottom of their heart, on the other hand, online games are no longer the priority choice for underage users in the choice of entertainment mode, and can not even enter the top five. It can be seen that the key to underage civil air defense addiction is not only to control children's games, but also to accompany them.

It is gratifying that more and more parents begin to actively participate in the co-construction of unprotected ecology. The report points out that 77.75% of parents know something about the protection measures for minors. When the children's play behavior is beyond the "moderate" range, 48.44% of the parents choose to deal with it with positive communication. With the soft guidance of parents' companionship, care and education, the protection of minors will become more detailed and warm, and family supervision will become the decisive factor in the "last kilometer" of the protection of minors.

Generally speaking, China's game industry has made some effective progress on the road of juvenile protection, but it still needs further exploration. With the number of netizens under the age of 19 exceeding 200 million, there will be more and more variables and challenges facing minors' protection, and the whole systematic construction of ecological protection should also gradually enter a new stage of dynamic development, but there is no doubt that, including every parent and every enterprise, all walks of life should be duty-bound and attach great importance to it, and only the whole society should strengthen its cooperation. In order to create a more conducive to the healthy growth of minors.

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