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2023 Global artificial Intelligence Conference | founder of Zoho: a small AI model based on 7 billion-20 billion parameters is being developed

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On December 16, the Global artificial Intelligence Conference, hosted by CNBC-TV18 and moneycontrol, was held in Bangalore. More than 30 founders, executives, experts and scholars, including AI leader and DeepLearning.AI founder Wu Enda, Google Vice President Pandu Nayak, Microsoft artificial Intelligence Strategic Planning Vice President Mary Snapp, IBM artificial Intelligence Research Vice President Sriram Raghavan, SAP Senior Vice President Sindhu Gangadharan, and other enterprise founders, executives, experts and scholars were invited to share the prospect and innovation road of artificial intelligence.

As one of the guests, Zoho founder Srida Wembu and ISPIRT Foundation co-founder Sharad Sharma participated in the fireside chat session to discuss the risks and future potential of artificial intelligence.

In the process of communication, Srida revealed Zoho's recent progress in the direction of AI.

Live communication | Srida Wembu, founder of Zoho

"compared to the larger model, Zoho is developing a small AI model based on 7 billion-20 billion parameters to help customers solve problems in specific areas." Srida said.

In April this year, Zoho announced its own AI strategy. In early May, 13 apps were integrated with ChatGPT to further supplement Zoho's original AI capabilities. In mid-June, Praval Singh, vice president of marketing and customer experience at Zoho, said that the integration of Zoho products with ChatGPT has met the needs of some users, and that in the long run, Zoho is stepping up the development of proprietary large language models that can summarize, interpret, and adapt to new tasks. In October, Zoho further clarified the direction of research and development, and has established some narrow models to help develop a small AI model based on 7 billion-20 billion parameters to address the personalized needs of Zoho users.

"Zoho currently does not pursue large models with 500 billion parameters, and we find that smaller models are more effective in solving specific areas of problems than volume models. AMD announced a new chip lineup at its launch in early December, and we are working with them, and the chip problem will be solved." Srida added.

Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, director of artificial intelligence research at Zoho, also said in a media interview: "our artificial intelligence model is a combination of a narrow model and a large model, which is adjusted by the narrow model that has been constructed, rather than training on the original data set. Through internal data repositories, we can not only save the cost of training models, but also reduce the risk of artificial intelligence bias."

In addition to the technical conditions in place, Srida said, "Zoho is actively attracting talent in the field of AI, we already have very strong chip support, and human capital will further help Zoho maintain progress in the field of artificial intelligence."

Artificial intelligence models have sprung up everywhere this year, especially in the second half of the year, domestic and overseas manufacturers are making concerted efforts, and the competition between enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. On this point, Raju Vegesna, chief evangelist of Zoho, said: "We pay more attention to two points about artificial intelligence: one is to be useful to customers, the direction of our efforts is not to prove that there is an artificial intelligence model, but to solve the real customer needs. The second is to respect customer privacy and make good use of the power of AI, but also to restrict it."

This further investment and layout in the direction of AI, in addition to giving play to the diversity of artificial intelligence models, Zoho is also fulfilling its commitment to customers: to enhance capabilities and always be at the forefront of innovation in the field of SaaS and AI.

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