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Guanyuan data won the 2023 billion Bang Industrial Internet Summit Award, one-stop BI data-driven industrial chain reconstruction

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the 2023 billion State Industrial Internet Annual meeting was successfully held, and the 2023 billion State Industrial Internet "Qianfeng Award" was announced at the meeting. With its leading one-stop BI products and solutions and excellent digital service capabilities, Guanyuan data has won the 2023 billion State Industrial Internet Industry Digital Technology Award.

The Industrial Internet "Qianfeng Award" is the annual award in the field of industrial Internet / industrial digitization issued by Yibang Power as an independent third-party organization for five consecutive years. As the annual weather vane of China's industrial Internet field, the Qianfeng Award has become one of the most authoritative and credible selections in this field.

This year's Qianfeng Award focuses on the three subdivision tracks of digital supply chain, industrial digital technology and digital brands, and is judged independently by a panel of all investors. in addition to the selection dimensions of enterprise business model, revenue scale and growth rate, gross profit margin, number and growth rate of users, financing, etc., focus on "whether the technology itself is innovative enough, whether the technology is big enough application scenarios, and whether it can really produce value." Finally, the industry Internet leader of this year was selected.

Guanyuan data was selected as the 2023 billion state industrial Internet "Qianfeng Award" industrial digital technology award-winning enterprises, which is not only the recognition of the comprehensive strength of the industry and trial production teams, but also the continued optimism of investors on the future development potential of Guanyuan data.

At the 2023 billion Bang Industrial Internet Annual meeting and Thousand Peak Award ceremony, Zhu Min, vice chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchange, former vice president of international organizations and former deputy governor of the people's Bank of China, said: "I think the thrust of restructuring the industrial chain must be data, which is the source and driving force of change, and the change of data structure will promote the change of industrial chain structure." Data is the starting point and wealth of future economic and social activities. Data assets will change the enterprise model, and the enterprise role will become more automatic and intelligent. Promoting the marketization of data is the most critical step for China's scientific and technological innovation and economic growth, and an important process for China to move towards high-quality growth and to the forefront of the world.

In this process, Guanyuan data has always persisted in promoting innovation and deeply ploughing the field of data intelligence, in order to lead the industry's one-stop BI platform, fully supporting from team to enterprise scale, from single point to combined analysis capabilities, from data access, report visualization, self-help analysis to intelligent analysis. With the characteristics of "ease of use, enterprise level and scene", it meets the personalized data analysis needs of different roles from managers to first-line business, from data analysts to data development and IT, simplifies the whole process of enterprise counting, viewing, using and decision-making, and enables digital operations to improve quality and efficiency. To provide scientific and suitable digital transformation tools, solutions and supporting services to customers of different types and different stages of digital construction in each industrial chain, so as to help enterprises solve the difficult problems of digital construction and upgrade the ability of data analysis. to achieve a jump in the stage of digital construction.

At present, Guanyuan data has provided in-depth services to the world's top 500 enterprises, central state-owned enterprises, industry leaders, covering, retail consumption, high-tech, Internet, manufacturing and other industries, with the industry-leading one-stop BI platform and solutions to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation. This award will encourage Guanyuan data to continue to cultivate in the field of industrial Internet digital technology, and continue to evolve in the data-driven industry Internet.

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