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Submarine game "Iron Lung" rose in price due to the Titan incident, developer: I want to make more money, do not accept can play piracy

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, the Titan submarine carrying five passengers to watch the famous shipwreck Titanic, diving only 2 hours before the implosion accident, all the crew were killed. This shocking accident unexpectedly led to the popularity of the horror game "Iron Lung".

National area

The price of "Iron Lung" in the United States began to rise in December, with the price in the United States rising from 26 yuan to 33 yuan and from $4.79 to $7.98 in the United States.

Developer David Szymanski responded to the price increase: "because the game is worth $8, I want to charge $8 because I want to make more money. If you don't agree to this price, I don't want your money. Go to piracy or something. I don't care."

"if you think what I'm doing is not worth the money I charge, that's fine," says David. "Please don't buy it, or wait for a big promotion, or secretly get it from other sources." David does not expect any price adjustments after the release in the future. noted that "Iron Lung" was released in 2022 and does not support Chinese. This is a first-person game with players trapped in airtight submarines, doors and portholes welded to death, and the only way to navigate is to use maps and coordinates and stern buttons to take a black-and-white picture of the front. This setting gives players a strong sense of claustrophobia, so it is also known by players as the "Titan of the game world".

Interestingly, David had previously said that he did not want to use tragedies to make money, but the game became a real event, which was a nightmare.

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