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Next month, Hewlett-Packard launches a new Spectre x360 14swap 16 notebook: core Ultra processor

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, according to Windowsreport, Hewlett-Packard will release a new Spectre x360 14and16 notebook on CES 2024 early next month with an upgrade to the new Intel Core Ultra processor. tidied up Hewlett-Packard Spectre x360 14ram 16 notebooks as follows:

The new Spectre x360 14 and 16 feature new cooling technology, Intel Core Ultra H-Series processors, 16-inch RTX 4050 unique display and a 120Hz refresh rate OLED panel. In addition, the new Spectre x360 is equipped with a 9MP webcam and has more AI functions.

At present, HP's current Spectre x360 14 and 16 notebooks are still on sale. The 14-inch version comes with an i5-1335U processor and a 1920 '1280p resolution flip touch screen for 9999 yuan, while the 16-inch version uses i7-13700H + 16G + 1T + 3K IPS screen for 12999 yuan.

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