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Wonderful full-focus multiple new games with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 one button to produce a blockbuster

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The snow in winter puts on a white coat for nature, and everywhere you can see it is wrapped in white, just like a fairy tale world. In the face of these amazing scenery, I can't help but take out my cell phone and record it with a camera. With the help of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5's powerful imaging system and functions, you can not only interpret the beauty you can see incisively and vividly, but also create more image blockbusters and make you a director of your own life.

A wonderful full-focus segment produces a blockbuster with one click.

To meet users' full-scene shooting needs, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5's rear three-camera camera consists of a 5000-megapixel wide-angle main shot, a 1200-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 1000-megapixel telephoto lens, providing users with a professional full-focus shooting experience. Even close-ups of portraits, facial expressions, and night scenes of cities that test your photography skills can be done easily, allowing you to firmly grasp the Nine Palace masterpieces with winter themes.

For example, when shooting rime wonders or cliff paths in the mountains, it is very appropriate to use a 1200-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. A lens with a wide view range can accommodate more scenery and better present the shock scene of Huihong on the screen. If you want to shoot a more artistic portrait, the 1000 megapixel 3x optical zoom telephoto lens can be easily presented, while up to 30x super-large visual space zoom can clearly freeze the long-range close-up.

The all-round wide-angle main photo shoot is wonderful day and night.

Whether it is snapping children playing in the snow or shooting intoxicating snow scenes at night, the pictures taken by Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 are excellent. Thanks to the full-pixel dual-core focusing technology and strong resolution, the 5000-megapixel camera can bring excellent imaging results in both color and detail when shooting normal light scenes. In night or dark scenes, AI-driven image signal processing (ISP) algorithm will further improve the color, details and noise of the picture, allowing users to steadily capture high-quality light and shadow blockbusters.

In addition to taking photos to record the beautiful winter scenery, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 can also create a high-quality video Vlog. Under the blessing of powerful OIS optical anti-shake, the picture can always remain stable and smooth, even if it is a "hand-shaking star man", it can be easily controlled. With the automatic composition function, the photographer can be firmly locked in the C bit of the picture, making it more convenient for the user to take a mirror to the end. If the director's perspective function is enabled, users can see three shots at the same time on the 7.6-inch screen, switch shots seamlessly at any time according to the needs of the screen, achieve other visual effects such as multi-position and multi-scene, and call the front and rear lenses at the same time. Let the photographer and the subject appear in the same frame, play more interactive creative video.

A new method of hand-free play to realize image freedom

The romance and warmth of winter are also reflected in things like Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day and the Spring Festival. Taking photos is an indispensable part of these important festivals when you get together with relatives and friends. Through Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5's vertical free shooting system, without the help of a selfie stick or others, you can simply put your phone on the table and rotate it to the right angle to avoid the handheld convenient way to take a group photo and leave more unforgettable moments for each other. The same method is also suitable for selfies, for example, users can use gestures to control the shutter to create a visual blockbuster with a great sense of space by placing the phone on the ground or platform in front of them to form a backhand view.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 also brings AI one-click multi-shot, double-screen preview and other functions to help users complete their works more efficiently. For example, the one-click multi-shot function of AI can generate photos and videos of different styles and filters, and the system will intelligently recommend the best works so that users can share them on the social platform the first time. When taking pictures for a friend, through the double-screen preview function, the other person can see his or her expression in real time on the outer screen and freeze the ideal photo with one click, thus avoiding repeated re-shots to a greater extent. When you find a small flaw in a photo, the AI editing tool can help you erase it easily, making the picture look more pleasing to the eye.

Everyone is the creator of the image era, shooting with mobile phones has become an indispensable way of life. With the rapid development of folding screen products in mobile images, more and more users are more inclined to use folding screen mobile phones to record every bit of life. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 brings professional-grade imaging system, unique vertical free shooting and many intelligent shooting functions, which can help users create inspirational blockbusters full of expression and creativity, and perfectly encounter the winter atmosphere.

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