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Intel is developing XeSS frame generation technology-- ExtraSS

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Shulou( Report-- Intel recently attended SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 in Sydney and published a paper outlining a new frame generation technology called ExtraSS.

Intel's XeSS technology is hardware agnostic, meaning it can be used with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

Intel's XeSS matches Nvidia's DLSS and is ahead of AMD's FSR, according to early test data. XeSS is also an open source technology, which means it can be easily integrated into games.

However, NVIDIA's DLSS and AMD's FSR also extend the addition of frame generation technology, which can increase the game frame rate while ensuring image quality through interpolation technology.

NVIDIA updated DLSS 3.5 to include frame generation technology, while AMD addressed frame cadence issues in FSR 3.03 to provide higher fidelity.

According to the disclosed technical file, Intel outlined a frame generation technology called ExtraSS, which translated as follows:

ExtraSS combines a novel framework of spatial supersampling and frame extrapolation to enhance real-time rendering performance.

By integrating these techniques, our approach balances performance and quality, producing time-stable and high-quality, high-resolution results.

ExtraSS uses lightweight morphing modules and ExtraSSNet for refinement, using spatiotemporal information to improve rendering clarity, accurately handle moving shadows, and generate time-stable results. Computational costs are significantly reduced compared to traditional rendering methods, enabling higher frame rates and aliasing-free high-resolution results.

ExtraSS has advantages over traditional single spatial or temporal supersampling methods when evaluated by the Unreal Engine, resulting in faster rendering and better visual quality.

With its ability to generate time-stable, high-quality results, our framework creates new possibilities for real-time rendering applications, pushing the boundaries of performance and photorealistic rendering in all areas.

Intel ExtraSS frame generation technology focuses on "frame extrapolation" rather than "frame interpolation," and the effect is almost the same. The main difference is how the frame is generated.

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