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Galaxy Kirin Security Cloud Desktop V3 release dual Architecture Synergy

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Shulou( Report--

With the increasing application of cloud desktop technology in the field of network information, the traditional VDI cloud desktop model still has some shortcomings in local application scenarios, such as poor network environment, the use of cloud desktop will be limited.

In order to better achieve customer value, domestic operating system manufacturer Kirin Software Kirin Cloud team added IDV intelligent desktop virtualization architecture support to secure cloud desktop management software, and the latest Galaxy Kirin secure Cloud Desktop V3 version, which can support both VDI and IDV architecture.

It is understood that by the end of 2022, Kirin Software has launched a secure cloud desktop management software based on VDI virtual desktop infrastructure, which can cover the full scene of Netletter, which integrates cloud desktop release platform and cloud application push platform, which can meet daily office, development, design, education and teaching scenarios, and provide users with a "cloud + end" integrated network letter office solution.

This time, relying on the characteristics of "centralized management and local computing" of IDV architecture, it not only reduces server resource overhead, but also makes full use of front-end computing resources. The integration of IDV and VDI architecture will more effectively support complex and diverse network letter office scenarios. The new version can download the desktop locally by binding the IDV template, so that the network can be disconnected and does not occupy server resources.

Stable and efficient, experience improvement

The advantages of dual architecture are highlighted.

IDV architecture effectively reduces the computing and storage pressure of the server, releases the computing power of the terminal, and makes the hardware independence of the terminal higher, the cost of the server can be controlled, and the scalability of the terminal computing node is excellent. VDI adopts the mode of "centralized storage and centralized computing", which has high data security and strong mobility of terminal computing nodes. The coordination of dual architecture can better release the adjustable power of "cloud" and "end" computing power.

The dual architecture model can allocate computing power directly to the terminal, and subsequent computing will not rely on external computing resources, reducing the network dependence of computing power. At the same time, the computing power can be concentrated on the server side, the hardware requirement of the terminal is low, and the access threshold is raised. Dual architecture collaboration can support the offline use of desktops, and better ensure the stable operation of the business.

In addition, the dual architecture mode can achieve unified management of images, unified push of desktop systems and applications in the cloud, centralized management of key resources such as images, user permissions, terminals, and so on, and the first mate reduces the difficulty of terminal management. to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

At the same time, in the dual architecture mode, the use of cloud desktops is similar to that of physical terminal desktops, which meets the effect of user localization and is in line with traditional user application scenarios.

3D acceleration, security enhancement

Have one's own technology to contribute to

The new version of cloud desktop uses VirtIO-GPU virtualization technology based on API forwarding solution. When VirtIO-GPU has back-end GPU hardware rendering, the graphics 3D performance in the client system is significantly improved. In web browsing, video playback, file office and other scenarios, the user experience is greatly improved, and the CPU utilization rate is reduced.

In order to further improve the security of cloud desktops and ensure traceability after data disclosure, the new version of cloud desktops adds desktop watermark and screenshot audit features in the user policy, and the watermark supports fine settings. Custom content, number of lines, font size, transparency and tilt can be set. Screencap audit supports screencap of cloud desktops on the management platform, and supports setting automatic time and manually ending screencap to meet the audit needs of different scenarios.

Meet the requirements of multiple application scenarios

In the application scenario, the Galaxy Kirin Security Cloud desktop supports the offline use of the desktop with high degree of freedom and strong stability, which can meet the office use of units and organizations with high security requirements.

In the medical field, Galaxy Kirin Security Cloud Desktop V3 can solve the operation and maintenance problems caused by many types of professional devices and customized business software in medical institutions. Using IDV architecture, you can not only improve the efficiency of deployment and operation and maintenance through remote operation and maintenance, but also achieve batch deployment and unified operation and maintenance of business software through centralized management, and provide a relatively stable operating environment for the use of medical devices.

In terms of education and training, the multi-mode use of Galaxy Kirin Security Cloud desktop can respond to a variety of education and teaching scenarios, including smart classrooms, electronic classrooms, multimedia conference rooms, libraries, etc., to provide efficient and flexible teaching equipment management and desktop use programs.

It is understood that Galaxy Kirin security cloud desktop products have been widely used in key fields such as government, finance, education, energy, health care and other key fields after years of deep technology and product iteration, and numerous landing cases have been accumulated. it provides strong support for users in various industries to achieve digital transformation.

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