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Gifts have been received at the new box office of the Art Academy, and live broadcast on Douyin will help 200 cinemas to operate online theaters in the coming year.

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Live broadcast is becoming a new path for online operation of the Academy of Literature and Art. On December 15, 2023, at the year-end summary of the "Art broadcast Plan-Douyin Live Theater Group Special", Douyin Live announced that it would upgrade the special program. In the coming year, this support program for professional art troupes will be expanded to provide resource support and management training for theatres at and above the county level, and to help 200 art troupes operate online theatres.

Data show that in the past year, the number of individual live broadcasts of actors of the Academy of Arts and Art increased by 440.72% compared with the same period last year, and the reward income increased by 406.7% compared with the same period last year. According to the "Douyin 2023 Academy of Arts Troupe Live data report", in the past year, art troupes and actors' studios received a total of 3.86 million times for "Rose", 740000 times for "Big Beer" and 420,000 times for "Voice for you". Gift reward has become a new box office for theaters and actors.

At the event, Zhang Yiwu, director of the Cultural Resources Research Center of Peking University and professor Zhang Yiwu, pointed out that in recent years, state-owned literature and art academies and groups have further deepened their structural reform and explored the path of marketization. At present, the main channels of market exploration include commercial performances, education and training, cultural and travel cooperation, ticketing system and membership system, live broadcast and other digital forms.

The Annual report on China's performance Market 2022 released by the China performance Industry Association has pointed out that in recent years, in addition to many well-known singers holding customized online performances, professional troupes have also "touched the Internet" in a more open-minded and smart way. According to the data investigation and calculation analysis carried out by key network platforms and performance institutions, professional performing groups will carry out 12100 online broadcasting activities in 2022, with an online income of 243 million yuan.

The content ecology of Douyin Live is showing a similar trend. Shi Min, head of the Art broadcast Program-Douyin Live Theater Project, said that driven and influenced by the support program, the art troupe active in the Douyin studio brought a total of 6800 group live performances in the past year. "this is equivalent to 18 large-scale theatrical performances every day."

On the other hand, the live reward brings benefits to both actors and theaters. It is understood that since March this year, the Yanbian Song and Dance Troupe has earned nearly 800000 yuan and individual anchors have earned more than 500000 yuan. Zhang Yiwu also cited this case to point out that as a public institution, the Yanbian Song and Dance Troupe still has a large gap in salary expenditure for performers to generate income. On the one hand, live broadcast plays an important role in improving the revenue and expenditure structure of cinemas and groups; on the other hand, it also brings a direct increase in the total income to the actors.

However, the live broadcast of the art troupe is not achieved overnight, and the process is often full of many problems and questions. Shi Min said that since the launch of the "Art broadcast Program-Douyin Live Theater Group Special", Douyin Live has been collecting feedback and opinions from cinemas and groups. In the coming year, I hope to upgrade the "Art broadcast Program-Douyin Live Theater Group Special" according to the actual pain points and needs of cinemas and groups. The upgrade of the support program will be carried out in three directions.

First of all, Douyin Live will expand the scope of the support program to allow hospitals and groups at and above the county level to settle in. Shi Min said that due to the limitations of their own conditions, grass-roots county-level literature and art troupes have a strong demand for the online "second stage." Prior to this, these art troupes have not been included in the support plan for the time being. "We hope to help at least 1000 county-level art troupes and 1000 actors find an online stage in the studio next year through traffic support and operational services."

Second, the support program will focus on improving the online operating capacity of the Academy of Arts and Arts to help it earn more income. Douyin Live will collaborate with market-oriented content institutions to provide 100 in-depth training for art troupes and provide them with a relatively mature methodology from the aspects of team building, actor training and actor management system. improve the online management level of the academy and troupe.

Third, Douyin Live will co-create local literature and tourism content with more art academies and groups in the coming year. Shi Min said that in the future, he hopes to provide art troupes with content planning based on the characteristics of the city. "by working with academies and groups to create literature travel theme live streaming and hot topics, let the local art academy troupe become one of the city's business cards."

It is understood that in April 2023, under the guidance of the Department of Market Management of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the China performance Industry Association and Douyin Live jointly launched the "Art broadcast Plan-Douyin Live Theater Troupe Special". Zhang Fubei, vice president and editor-in-chief of Douyin Group, said that through the support program, 1145 actors from 92 art troupes have conducted individual or group online broadcasts, and 55 art troupes have signed up to live broadcast on Douyin in the form of brokers. "from the original 'outstanding' of the Central National Orchestra on Douyin platform to the 'brilliant' of nearly 100 theaters today, Douyin's content ecology has been significantly improved."

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