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The official account of Wechat further standardizes the content source tagging of "self-media".

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 19, "Wechat Public platform Operations Center" today released news to further standardize "self-media" content source tagging.

According to the requirements of the notice on strengthening the Management of "self-Media" (hereinafter referred to as "the notice"), the "self-Media" account should accurately mark the source of information when publishing information related to current affairs, public policies, social events and other relevant information at home and abroad, and display it in a prominent position at the time of release.

Information of unknown sources, especially political news and financial information, is easy to be misread in the process of dissemination, which misleads and confuses the reading users. In order to create a civilized and harmonious network environment and enhance the C-end reading experience, Wechat public platform will further standardize the tagging of content and information sources. The majority of "self-media" creators should standardize the content labeling in strict accordance with the requirements of the notice, and should select "creative source" in the "article setting" module before the article is published, so as to create a clear cyberspace. attached labeled case reference:

(1) "material sources official media / online news"

▲ figure source "Wechat Public platform Operations Center" official account (2) "personal views, for reference only"

(3) "content plot interpretation, for entertainment only"

(4) "content is generated by AI"

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