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Foreign media exposed the game scam on the eve of the havoc, and the developer Fntastic was ready to "circle the money and run away".

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Shulou( Report--, December 19 (Xinhua)-- Eve of Holocaust, a zombie survival game created by Fntastic, was officially released on December 7. has previously reported that Fntastic Studios announced its closure four days after the game was released due to "widespread poor reviews."

▲ Fntastic Studio's previous post on the X platform, but the foreign media Yahoo News recently visited the Fntastic studio and found that the whole incident on the eve of the havoc was a hoax, and the studio was actually ready to "sell game circle money to run away" from the very beginning.

A visit by foreign media found that Fntastic Studio, located in the central district of Singapore, is actually a "shared workspace", providing only an address for the use of a "virtual office". There is no matching tenant for the address "PENINSULA PLAZA" listed in the company document, which belongs to a management consulting firm.

▲ Picture Source Yahoo News (the same below) according to leaked Discord chat messages on the Reddit forum, 201000 copies of "before the Holocaust" have been sold, of which about 91000 have been refunded. That means the game still sells about 110000 copies, or about $4.3 million ( Note: currently about 30.702 million yuan), but the company can't get the money because of Steam's refund policy and Fntastic's promised "unconditional refund."

However, the company still received about 3.4 million Singapore dollars (18.2192 million yuan) in revenue from Russian investor Mytona, after a statement from Fntastic Studios also mentioned that "on the eve of the havoc" it was funded by Mytona, one of the largest mobile game publishers in the world. "

According to Fntastic Studio's financial report, Fntastic Studio's cost of sales in 2022 was S $1.6 million (about 8.5738 million yuan) and did not pay its employees.

▲ Picture Source Fntastic Studio reported that after taxes and various expenses, Fntastic Studio still had 840000 Singapore dollars (about 4.5012 million yuan). In addition, the company also received 481000 Singapore dollars (about 2.5775 million yuan) through term loans, totaling 1.321 million Singapore dollars (about 7.0787 million yuan).

Various signs of Fntastic Studio show that the company actually has "funds to continue to operate" and does not pay wages to its employees. Foreign media believe that Fntastic Studio is ready to defraud investors from the very beginning, and that having no money to take charge of the game is "pure alibi" and that running away with money is the real intention.

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Fntastic, its studio, announced that it was closed because of the bad reviews of the game.

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