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The pirate ship released the TX series & # 160 ATX powered 160 gold medal power supply, optional 750W-1200W

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, the pirate ship recently launched a new TX series power supply, certified by Intel ATX 3.0, equipped with a native 12V 12+4pin interface and power cord. attached Pirate ship TX Series ATX 3.0Gold Power supply is introduced as follows:

The TX series power supply will be available in four models: TX 750 / TX850 / TX1000 / TX1200, which is designed with fully modular wire material, the cable is embossed, and the outside is wrapped by an independent texture casing.

TX series power supply is equipped with 135mm low noise cooling fan, preset carefully adjusted fan curve, taking into account both heat dissipation performance and noise, but also supports zero speed mode to stop the fan running at medium and low load, bringing a quiet environment. This series of power supplies support Modern Standby mode, can quickly wake up from sleep, and have lower standby power consumption. In addition, the whole length of the power supply is only 140mm, which is more compact and takes up less space.

The pirate ship said that this series of power supply has passed 80 PLUS gold medal certification, has more than 90% conversion efficiency under typical load, is equipped with rated 105 °C all-day capacitor, and provides intimate after-sales service that can only be replaced without repair for ten years.

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