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Chery iCAR 03 SUV claims to be the world's premiere "pure vision": equipped with Dajiang car travel platform, cancel radar without high-precision map

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of the clues of Frost Wind Shadow!, December 19 (Xinhua) Chery launched its pre-sale brand new model iCAR 03 "Smart driving version" yesterday, which is the world's first bionic binocular pure vision production car with high-level intelligent driving function, according to DJI car official account.

It is reported that the car is equipped with "Dajiang vehicle travel platform", using pure vision sensor configuration, no ultrasonic radar, no millimeter wave radar, no lidar, no high-precision map.

▲ image source "Dajiang car" official account (the same below) learned that Chery iCAR 03 "smart driving version" uses a pair of 8-megapixel forward-looking inertial navigation stereo binocular cameras, a 3-megapixel rearview monocular camera and four 3-megapixel look fisheye cameras. DJI claims that the camera configuration can achieve pure vision "L2 truck +" functions such as "memory driving, high-speed pilotage, cross-layer memory parking".

According to previous reports, the Chery iCAR 03 is a square box model with a body size of 4405 × 1910 × 1715 mm, wheelbase 2715mm, equipped with Ningde era lithium iron phosphate battery and packaged by Qida Power, with optional panoramic skylights and rear seats.

In terms of power, the maximum power of the rear-drive motor is 135kW, the maximum torque is 184 N ·m, the total power of the four-wheel drive motor is 205kW, and the maximum torque is 279 N ·m. The car is equipped with Ningde era lithium iron phosphate battery, the battery capacity is 50.65kWh, 65.7kWh, 69.77kWh three models, CLTC life has 401km, 501km, 472km three kinds.

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