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Data show that B650 is the most popular motherboard among AMD sharp dragon PC Korean users, followed by A520

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Shulou( Report-- December 19, South Korean research institute Danawa shared an AMD Ryzen platform motherboard statistics between December 2022 and October 2023, covering a variety of chipsets, such as B650, B550, A520, A320 and so on.

The data began in December 2022, when the share of the B550 motherboard soared due to the sharp price reduction of the Ruilong 5000 series processors, and even became the first choice for AMD platform installation users until the second half of 2023.

At that time, the AMD Ruilong 7000 series processors had been released for several months (August 30, 2022), but because the new generation of AM5 platform could only be equipped with DDR5 memory, coupled with no advantage in processor and motherboard prices, most consumers did not immediately choose to upgrade the new platform, but chose the old platform solution such as R7 5800X3D + B550.

As AMD later launched more AM5 product lines, especially 3D cache models like R7 7800X3D and entry-level models like R57500F, we began to see an upward trend in sales of 600 series motherboards, but we think the main reason here may be a sharp reduction in the price of DDR5 memory, which promotes the demand of DIY users in the case of low memory and SSD prices.

All in all, sales of the AMD B650 motherboard have increased significantly in the process, which has led to the B650 motherboard becoming the most popular choice for AMD platform users since August.

In addition, market research data also show that gigabyte is currently the favorite brand of Korean users, the brand occupies an absolutely dominant position in the B650 market with a share of 50.28%, while other brands such as MSI, Asustek and ASRock all have a share of less than 20%.

Data show that South Korea's current AMD B650 motherboard has occupied 34.43% of the market share, followed by 23.26% of the A520 and 18.3% of the B550, while other models account for only 17.67%. noted that the TechEpiphany (latest sales from MindFactory, Germany's largest retailer) data also reflects the popularity of the AMD AM5 platform, especially the B650 series motherboards:

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