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Cui Dongshu: the pure tram market is weak, and the growth of battery loading demand is expected to continue to be slower than that of the total vehicle volume.

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, the passenger association Cui Dongshu today analyzed the lithium battery market of new energy vehicles in November, believing that the new energy vehicles and energy storage industry have been highly prosperous in the past two years, the demand for batteries in the industry is growing rapidly, and the proportion of new energy vehicle batteries installed has declined.

Cui Dongshu said that the policy drive has contributed to the continued strength of the plug-in hybrid market, the pure tram market is weak, and the growth of battery loading demand for electric vehicles is expected to continue to be slower than that of the total number of vehicles. noted that Cui Dongshu quoted data from the Federation of passengers as saying that "the proportion of cars loaded in the production of power batteries is decreasing at present."

The production rate of power battery installed in 2020 is 76%. In 2021, it is 70%. In 2022, it is 54%. In 2023, it is 49%.

Among them, the proportion of ternary batteries has been gradually decreasing in the past two years, from 80% to 50% in 2023, while the proportion of lithium iron phosphate batteries has dropped from 71% to 48%, but the proportion of ternary batteries has gradually stabilized in recent months.

In addition, Cui Dongshu mentioned that the current competition pattern of battery enterprises has formed the characteristics of "Ningde era and BYD are relatively strong", but the gap between Ningde era and BYD is narrowing.

▲ image source "Cui Dongshu" official account BYD's share rose to 27% from 15% in 2020, up 12.5%, while that of Ningde era decreased by about 6.6%, while the share of other battery companies also showed a marked divergence.

At present, battery companies have formed the characteristics of "head enterprise aggregation effect slowing down". In 2022, the two companies maintained 72% of the market and 71% this year, while other enterprises had less than 30% of the space.

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