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The latest development of Apple's Apple Watch ban: the White House pays close attention, and Masimo CEO says it is willing to settle

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, just days before the US import ban on Apple's Apple Watch takes effect, the latest developments around the incident have affected the nerves of all parties. The White House said it was watching the situation closely, while the Masimo CEO revealed that the company was open to a settlement with Apple, but stressed that "negotiations require the willingness of both sides."

White House spokesman Jean-Pierre said in a statement that Catherine Ty, the chief U.S. trade representative, was "carefully considering all factors in the case," Bloomberg reported. She stressed that the government did not want to "make any decision that the ITC might make in advance", but also pointed out that Catherine "can determine the final outcome of the case."

This means that President Joe Biden has the power to veto the International Trade Commission's ruling on Apple's Apple Watch case. According to, the veto window will close on December 25.

On the other hand, Masimo CEO Joe Chiani said in an interview with Bloomberg that he was open to reaching a settlement with Apple. "the short answer is yes," he said. "

But he also pointed out that Apple has not yet taken the initiative to contact Masimo, and stressed that "negotiations require the willingness of both sides." Chiani further said: "these people were caught with their hands in the cookie jar."

It is worth noting that Chiani did not disclose how much Apple would have to pay to Masimo in a potential settlement. He described Apple's decision to remove Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 wearables on Christmas Eve as a "gimmick" to "put pressure on the Biden administration to veto the ban".

Chiani insisted that Apple's infringement of Masimo patents was not accidental. "it's not an unintentional infringement, it's their deliberate theft of our intellectual property. I'm glad the world can now understand that we are the real inventors and creators of these technologies."

Apple has previously publicly refuted ITC's ruling, stressing that its team has been committed to creating products and services that "give users industry-leading health, health and safety features" and "strongly opposes the ban" and is taking a series of legal and technical measures to ensure that Apple Watch continues to be available to users.

The situation is still under way, and the final decision of the White House and potential negotiations between Masimo and Apple will be the key factors affecting the effectiveness of the ban.

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