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Xiaomi intelligent electric blanket today launched crowdfunding: double-zone independent temperature control, intelligent temperature regulation, up to 189 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 20, Mijia intelligent electric blanket will be at 10:00 today-December 27th 10:00 in Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding, to the hand price of 189yuan.

According to reports, this new product uses 610g high gram weight thickened blanket, equipped with 140W double helix hot line, built-in overtemperature / short circuit / overload / overcurrent / lightning strike / low temperature scald / child lock protection.

In addition, this electric blanket is certified by 3C and low-radiation products, and officially supports machine washing of the whole blanket, plus hot-line bending 25000 times without deformation. The product provides an one-click anti-mite / baking quilt mode, a digital display hand controller, and a pluggable design.

In terms of intelligence, this electric blanket can be controlled by Xiao Ai, as well as Mi App remote reservation timing, and can be linked with other Xiaomi smart devices. At the same time, the electric blanket adopts AB double-zone independent circuit, and the two zones are heated independently, which can meet the different temperature needs of the left and right areas of the two people. ( Note: left / right zones heat up separately or synchronously)

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