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ACDSee 2024 release! Introduce more artificial intelligence technology, picture management and editing more efficient!

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Shulou( Report--

ACDSee 2024, a professional digital asset management tool developed by ACDSee Systems, a global image management and technology image software company, has been released. A total of three versions of the software have been released: ACDSee 2024 Ultimate Edition, ACDSee 2024 Professional Edition and ACDSee 2024 Home Edition.

ACDSee has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence, and can be well combined with the actual needs of users. What intelligent "cool techs" has been brought in version 2024? Take the flagship version of ACDSee 2024 as an example, let's take a look at it!

AI keyword:

ACDSee 2024 introduces locally supported artificial intelligence, which automatically analyzes pictures on your computer and assigns keywords to photos intelligently in your picture library. This means that you can easily search the entire photo collection without manually adding any information to each file. For example, you can easily find food-related photos by entering the search word "food". This intelligent function will greatly simplify picture management and make it easier for users to find the photos they need, saving time and effort.

AI face detection and recognition:

AI face detection will first find the face in the picture and provide users with convenient marking options to tell AI who is who. Then, AI face recognition will quickly identify and mark similar faces, so as to achieve efficient image management. With the increasing use of artificial intelligence face detection and recognition tools, AI will continue to enhance its intelligence level. This means it will be faster and easier to search by name and manage photos of family and friends by name. The face detection and recognition function of ACDSee 2024 will become a right-hand man for users to organize and manage photo collections.

AI selects the body and the sky:

The upgrade of AI allows users to select principals with more accurate edges. The brand-new AI model makes the details of the mask used to select the sky more detailed, and even includes the reflection of the sky.

AI action:

ACDSee 2024 introduces powerful AI action capabilities, which are perfectly integrated with ACDSee's layer editor. This innovative feature enables users to instantly highlight the subject in a photo with one click, such as by blurring the background or changing the background to black and white. In addition, users can easily select the subject, background and sky with one click to quickly create impressive composite photos. Through this series of AI actions, users can easily add various elements to photos, release creativity, and create eye-catching works.

AI Beauty:

ACDSee's AI face editing function makes portrait modification easier than ever before. Regardless of the source of the user's photo, ACDSee's AI technology accurately modifies the face, allowing users to easily adjust key facial parameters such as eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, skin, makeup, and even the face itself.

With the slider of AI aids, users can experience a major change from a slight enhancement of natural beauty to the creation of a whole new style. AI beauty feature not only provides unlimited possibilities for beautification, but also adds more confidence and attractiveness to users' photos. Whether users want to fine-tune the beauty of nature or explore a new image, ACDSee's AI technology will help users achieve it easily.

In addition to the functions of artificial intelligence, ACDSee 2024 has also made comprehensive upgrades to some features to make it easier for users to use. Built-in support for the RAW format of more than 700 mainstream camera models on the market, more lenses are added to lens correction to better deal with artifacts and distortions in images. The upgraded editing mode brush can be used more naturally and smoothly with higher precision.

For regular users of ACDSee, you don't have to worry about data migration. If you have installed a historical version of ACDSee, the history option will be imported automatically when you start ACDSee 2024 for the first time.

There is no doubt that a series of leading technologies of artificial intelligence brought by the ACDSee 2024 series have become sharp tools for digital asset management, image editing and other workers. It can be said that it is a professional image management and editing software developed for professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, designers, file management, e-commerce, self-media and other digital asset management workers such as picture management and editing, documents and materials.

ACDSee 2024 series has been officially launched, friends engaged in photo management, editing and other related work can be downloaded and used on ACDSee's official website to make complex work easier and improve work efficiency. I believe it will bring you a pleasant experience!

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