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Microsoft Copilot adds a new feature to generate a complete song with only a text description.

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Shulou( Report-- December 20 news, Microsoft Coppilot recently reached a cooperation with AI music creation platform Suno, launched a new feature: just enter a short text description, Coppilot can automatically generate songs containing instrumental music, lyrics and singing clips. Microsoft says users don't need any music production experience, just inspiration in their heads to create easily.

Currently, this feature is limited to Microsoft Edge. Users need to open Edge first, then visit the Copilot website, log in and click on the "Plugins" tab in the upper right corner to make sure the Suno plugin is active. Next, enter a text description in Copilot and wait patiently for AI to complete the creation.

Techradar experience found that Copilot takes about 10 minutes to generate lyrics for popular songs based on a description. However, the corresponding music could not be heard.

Copilot claims to generate links to songs on Suno's website, but the links disappear immediately after they are generated. Techradar tried again to generate another song, and again only got the lyrics, again no music. When asked why, Copilot suggested imagining the melody in his head or humming the lyrics. Techradar says this is the first time they've encountered a situation where music generation AI refuses to generate audio.

The song clips listened to on Suno's website sound great, and the singing quality is not top notch, but it is also surprising, far from the random noise of Google Instrument Playground.

Suno plug-ins have started rolling out and will gradually reach all users in the coming weeks. It's unclear if Microsoft has plans to extend this feature to other browsers, and will keep an eye out.

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