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Technology last night this morning 1220: Nubia Z60 Ultra mobile phone released, starting from 3999 yuan; insiders deny that Douyin acquired; Huawei has more than 400 partners to launch Hongmeng native application development

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Hello, everyone. It is Wednesday, December 20, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

According to Caihap, at the 2023 Open Source Industry Ecological Conference, Gong Ti, president of Huawei Terminal BG Software Department, said that at present, more than 6200 people have co-built the open source Hongmeng community, 51 units have been co-built, and 43 distributions have passed the compatibility evaluation, covering finance, education, transportation, government affairs, ultra high definition and other fields. At present, the HarmonyOS NEXT system is ready to be launched, and more than 400 partners have launched the development of Hongmeng's native applications in an all-round way. > > View details

2, 3999 yuan, Nubia Z60 Ultra mobile phone release: the first IP68 screen front shot, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Nubia Z60 Ultra flagship mobile phone was officially released at 14:00 on December 19, with the same flagship performance and screen front-shooting, starting at 4299 yuan, and 's first launch starting at 3999 yuan. Prices are as follows:

The initial price of 12GB + 256GB is 3999 yuan

The initial price of 16GB + 512GB is 4699 yuan

16GB + 512GB Star Collection Edition 4999 yuan

The initial price of 16GB + 1TB is 5299 yuan

The initial price of 24GB + 1TB is 5999 yuan

Nubia Z60 Ultra is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 24GB memory and UFS4.0 plus LPDDR5X combination, equipped with telepathic performance engine; equipped with large 6000mAh battery (the previous generation is 5000mAh), supports 80W wired fast charging, provides IP68 dustproof and waterproof, USB 3.1, infrared remote control and other functions. > > View details

3. Volkswagen interior design turn: physical buttons return Volkswagen demonstrated a new interior design language in its ID.2 concept car, indicating that its interior design will return to an easier-to-use style. A row of physical buttons and knobs have been added under the central console of the ID.2 concept car, making it easy for users to quickly control commonly used functions, such as air conditioning and volume. In addition, the car is also equipped with a central knob similar to the BMW iDrive system, which further improves the ease of operation. The design of these control buttons is also significantly more tactile, and even uses a metal knurled texture, making it easy for passengers to operate without having to look away from the road. > > View details

4. Tesla embraced wireless charging and officially confirmed that Tesla has finally taken a big step into the field of wireless charging in the course of research and development. Following the hint earlier this year, the company has officially confirmed that it is developing a wireless induction charger for home use. > > View details

5, Xiaomi car leaks and rumors statement: involving the media "ZAKER" and "Xiaobai Buy car" employees and three former employees of the Automobile Department on December 19, a spokesman for Xiaomi Company issued a "statement on malicious leaks and rumors related to Xiaomi cars". Media "ZAKER" employee package so-and-so, "Xiaobai Buy car" employee Guan so-and-so intended to disclose confidential filming content without permission, Xiaomi will investigate the two and their subordinate media for leaking secrets. Including not limited to public apologies and fines. At the same time, Xiaomi Group confirmed that in November and December 2023, three former employees of Xiaomi Automobile Department participated without permission in the so-called "Xiaomi Automobile Seminar" organized by external brokerages and investment institutions for the purpose of collecting "consulting fees" while on the job, fabricating and spreading a large number of errors and false information, seriously misleading the market and disrupting the normal business development of Xiaomi Automobile. Xiaomi Group has dismissed it, never hired it, and will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law. > > View details

6. The official Wechat account further standardizes the content source tagging of "self-media". The "Wechat Public platform Operations Center" released a message on December 19 to further standardize the content source tagging of "self-media". According to the requirements of the notice on strengthening the Management of "self-Media", the "self-Media" account should accurately mark the source of information when publishing information related to current affairs, public policies, social events and other relevant information at home and abroad, and display it in a prominent position at the time of release. > > View details

7. Moore Thread large Model Intelligence Accelerator Card MTT S4000 was released, equipped with 48GB video memory Moore Thread announced on December 19 that the unveiling ceremony of Moore Thread KUAE Intelligence Center, the first nationally produced 100 billion model training platform, was successfully held in Beijing, announcing the official landing of China's first large-scale arithmetic cluster based on domestic full-function GPU, and the release of large model intelligence accelerator card MTT S4000 at the same time. > > View details

8. It is reported that Douyin is in talks to acquire Insiders deny that according to Sina science and technology report, there are rumors that Douyin is currently in talks with Ali to acquire could not be reached for comment.

According to 36 krypton, insiders responded that the cooperation between the two sides has been making steady progress, but the so-called "acquisition" is complete nonsense. Douyin insiders replied: Bloomberg does not have this report, and Douyin does not have such a plan. > > View details

9. Huawei strongly opposes that Oriental Materials announced the termination of its acquisition of 51% stake in Dingqiao and reached a settlement with Nokia on the evening of December 19. On the evening of December 19, Oriental material announced that it had reached a settlement with Nokia over the acquisition of 51% stake in TD TECH HOLDING LIMITED, terminated the deal and signed "Settlement Agreement" with it. > > View details

10. 2023Q3 Global Pure Electric vehicle Battle report: BYD grew 68% year on year, catching up with Tesla with a share of 17%. According to the latest report released by market research firm Counterpoint Research, global BEV sales increased by 29% in the third quarter of 2023 compared with the same period last year. Tesla, BYD Automobile and Volkswagen are the best-selling pure electric vehicle groups. BYD Motors (excluding momentum) has caught up with Tesla, with an increase of 68% over the same period last year. At present, both of them have a market share of 17%. BYD has increased by 4% compared with the same period last year, and is expected to overtake Tesla in the fourth quarter. become a global leader. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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