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At 6500 meters, solar electric trucks successfully conquered the highest volcano in the world.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- Peak Evolution, a Swiss expedition sponsored by Austrian transport and logistics company Gebr ü der Weiss, recently accomplished a feat by driving a solar-powered electric truck to conquer Chile's western side of Mount Ohodersalado, the world's tallest volcano and a new record for electric vehicles climbing at an altitude of 6500 meters.

The truck did not drive directly from Switzerland to Chile, but after two months of sea and land transportation, it traveled from Switzerland to the Chilean region of Atacama and began to prepare for the climb at the Marikunga Salt Lake at an altitude of 3400 meters.

The car is not a traditional truck, it is based on a multi-function Aebi VT450 transport vehicle, using not a gasoline engine, but two electric motors with an output power of 120kW each. Equipped with a rated voltage of 300V, the EcoVolta lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 90 kilowatt hours and a range of about 200km.

According to, the truck laid a total of 20 solar panels, each with a peak power of 370W and a battery conversion efficiency of 22.5 per cent. The total output power of the whole system is 7.4 kilowatts, which can generate enough electricity to drive 150 kilometers in about five hours.

Solar energy supplies power to the truck through a triple redundant DC coupled charging system, which can operate normally even if the components fail. In addition, the truck is equipped with five solar charging controllers to maximize the energy generated. There is also a 230V AC inverter that makes it easy for the expedition to charge other equipment.

Unlike gasoline cars, electric cars do not have the problem of power decline at high altitudes. However, the extreme topography and environmental conditions of the world's highest volcano are still a severe test for the truck and three experienced climbers.

"despite the appalling conditions, our carefully developed solar-powered electric truck has successfully climbed to unprecedented heights, becoming by far the highest altitude electric car, let alone a solar electric car," said Patrick Kohler, chief executive and developer of Peak Evolution. "We've been training for four years, and giving up has never been our choice."

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