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The exposure of "MT City Journey" has exceeded 1 billion, promoting the construction of urban culture with image technology.

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Recently, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, sponsored by the Fujian Provincial Party Committee Network Information Office and organized by the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee Network Information Office, the first Fujian Provincial Network Culture Festival and the 12th Xiamen Network Culture Festival ended. Meitu Xiuxiu won the "Excellent Creative Award" for its Chinese urban cultural characteristic project "MT City Tour-Xiamen Station".

Designers working together to present urban characteristics with image technology

Xiamen is known as "Oriental Hawaii" and has a rich literary atmosphere. It is a poem and a distance in many people's hearts. "MT City Tour" deeply explores Xiamen's urban characteristics, showing Xiamen's romantic style and literary atmosphere in an all-round way from four dimensions: landmark, food, custom and culture. While endowing the city with new vitality with images, it innovates the experience of punching cards in the city and helps users to understand Xiamen's urban culture and humanistic connotation more deeply.

Gulangyu Island of "Sea Garden," Shapowei of "All Kinds of Style" and Twin Towers of "Landmark on Cloud," feel the sea breeze in these places kissed by the sea breeze; sand tea noodles, noodle paste, frozen bamboo shoots, spring rolls... These Xiamen specialty delicacies are unforgettable flavors in the impression; after eating, come to the last folk-custom cake, and the sea waves in the sound of joy; cultural activities are also indispensable, enjoying the Xiamen lacquer line carving with wrong color and gold to realize the charm of intangible cultural heritage in southern Fujian. "MT City Tour-Xiamen Station" deeply combines Xiamen's local urban cultural characteristics with image products to carry out creative transformation and innovative development.

This Xiamen Station continues the co-creation concept of "MT City Tour Record," invites a number of MCP (Meitu Creative Platform) designers such as pomegranate flavor, birch hemp, meow fishing outside the mountain, cherry skipping class, etc. to create together, carry out diversified collision and interpretation of Xiamen's characteristic culture, launch a variety of stickers, filters, AR and other materials with Minnan style and artistic sentiment, and inherit and carry forward Xiamen's characteristic culture in a way closer to young people's preferences. Chan Chan, a travel enthusiast, said,"One click to enter 'MT City Tour-Xiamen Station', the sea breeze blows. It feels like a vacation, and the photos are pleasant. "

Science and Technology Light up Colorful Xiamen Explore the City's Unique Culture

Xiamen Network Culture Festival takes "the heron of civilization e starts with each other" as the theme, takes the construction of network civilization as the main line and network cultural activities as the carrier, tells Xiamen good stories and spreads Xiamen positive energy.

The activity set up five major sections: "New Era and New Thought,""Civilized Heron Island,""Endeavour Special Zone,""Colorful Xiamen" and "Xiamen Good Netizens." This Meitu show shone brilliantly in the "Colorful Xiamen" section of the 12th Xiamen Network Culture Festival.

It is reported that the "MT City Tour" series, as an important cultural project of Meitu Xiuxiu, explores the unique characteristic culture of a city in each issue. From Chongqing, the mountain city of "Cyberpunk Style," Hangzhou of "Song Yun Culture," Xishuangbanna, which is fantastic and magnificent, to Xiamen of "Romantic Island," Meitu Xiuxiu leads users to appreciate and experience the cultural characteristics of different cities through the beautiful picture mode with unique city imprint. Up to now, the exposure of the whole network of "MT City Tour" project has exceeded 1 billion yuan, and the usage of historical materials has exceeded one million yuan.

Industry experts said that Meitu Xiuxiu, as a product developed by Xiamen enterprises, has long integrated Xiamen characteristic culture into daily life and attracted young people in innovative ways, which is a new form of Xiamen urban cultural construction.

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