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Once again refreshing the reliability threshold, Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass to cross the 500m ice slide without injury.

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Huawei Mate X5 folding screen phone, which has just returned from the Icelandic volcano, is going to "make trouble" again.

On December 30, the media shared a video of "Huawei Mate X5 Collection Challenge 500m extra long Ice Slide". In the video, in order to verify the super reliable Kunlun glass toughened by Huawei Mate X5 Collection and Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary Master Black Tortoise, the media went to Changchun and slid the phone down the 500m long slide. the result was of course expected-the two phones successfully challenged the 500m super long ice slide. The screen is still intact.

In fact, this is not the first time Huawei Mate X5 has "messed up". Before the "500m long ice slide", Huawei Mate X5 collection also successfully challenged "Shangdao Mountain" and "Xia Fire Sea":

In the "Shangdao Mountain" video, Huawei Mate X5 Collection has undergone a variety of abuse tests, including flooding, falling, screen impact, and even the extreme test performance of "Shangdaoshan". Huawei Mate X5 Collection has made users shout "fun" after watching the video because of its excellent durability and reliability.

In the "under Fire" video, the staff brings Huawei Mate X5 to Iceland, exploring all the way through alpine streams and valleys, demonstrating the all-powerful and reliable strength of Huawei Mate X5, whether it's alpine streams or valleys, hot craters or foggy hot springs, Huawei Mate X5 can cope with all kinds of extreme environments in Iceland.

Admittedly, Huawei's Mate X5 collection does break the stereotype that folding screen phones are fragile. You know, in the past few years since the birth of the folding screen, the fragile screen and fuselage structure are the common shortcomings of the folding screen, and not resistant to falling has also become the consensus of consumers on the folding screen products.

Why can Huawei's Mate X5 collection have an unbreakable body?

Why is it that only Huawei Mate X5 Collection Edition is eligible to undergo various machine abuse tests and successfully escape?

This is naturally inseparable from Huawei Mate X5 collection version of the strong wear-resistant secret-Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass.

Kunlun Glass is very familiar to everyone. This technology was first carried by Huawei Mate 50 Series. Compared with traditional ordinary glass, Kunlun Glass has 10 times the ability to withstand falling. Huawei Mate60 series of the second generation of Kunlun glass, on this basis, the composite ion strengthening technology is upgraded, and the fall resistance of the whole machine is twice as high as that of the first generation Kunlun glass.

The Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass carried in Huawei Mate X5 collection is made by Black Tortoise toughening technology on the basis of the second generation Kunlun glass. In short, it is better than stronger!

To put it simply, Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass is through the industry's unique Black Tortoise toughening technology and the second generation Kunlun glass through iterative upgrading of the glass formula, so that the scratch resistance of the outer screen is increased by 300%, and the fall resistance of the whole machine is increased by 100%. It also won the "world's first Swiss SGS gold standard five-star anti-scratch and fall resistance authority certification".

Huawei Mate X5 collection version of the Black Tortoise toughening technology hardness to Morse 7 so, compared with common items, whether key scissors, or lipstick foundation box, will not cause damage to Huawei Mate X5 outer screen, which is why Huawei Mate X5 can calmly challenge a variety of limit testing reasons-a variety of scene items in life, it is difficult to cause damage to Black Tortoise tempered Kunlun glass.

In addition to this ultra-reliable outer screen, the inner screen of Huawei Mate X5 is also a big story-taking the lead in introducing impact-resistant non-Newtonian fluid materials. Non-Newtonian fluid widely exists in life, production and nature. it is a kind of fluid that does not meet the experimental law of Newtonian viscosity, which is characterized by "eating soft but not hard". When the non-Newtonian fluid is impacted, the impact point spreads around, thus absorbing the impact energy and has a strong anti-impact ability.

Under the support of non-Newtonian fluid materials, Huawei Mate X5's impact flexible inner screen also has a strong impact resistance, through the composite laminated structure, as well as Huawei self-developed material formula, non-Newtonian fluid materials show a soft state when bending at slow speed, and instantly become a hard material during fast impact, with the anti-impact effect of "meet strong, meet soft". For this reason, the inner screen of Huawei Mate X5 can be as unbreakable as the outer screen.

In fact, in terms of reliability, Huawei Mate X5 is more than two screens. The reliability of Huawei Mate X5 is omni-directional, such as achieving IPX8 water resistance. Although flagship machine waterproofing has become standard, the folding screen is different. After all, there are hinges and other mechanical structures, so waterproof design needs to be more refined and complex, so waterproofing is a challenging task. Strong industrial design capabilities are required, which is why most folding screen phones do not support waterproofing.

The IPX8 water resistance of Huawei Mate X5 is enough to prove its reliable performance.

In addition to the industry's strongest folding water-resistant experience, Huawei Mate X5 wet hand touch success rate has also been greatly improved through algorithm optimization of hardware and software, and Huawei Mate X5 can still provide smooth and accurate touch control, regardless of rain or waves.

Since the use of experience silky smooth, then the image perception must be silky. Not only the accurate shooting operation can be obtained in the state of wet hands, but also the hardware image ability is quite capable of playing. Huawei Mate X5 is equipped with a 5000-megapixel super-sensing camera, a 1300-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 1200-megapixel periscope telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom; it has a clear zoom magnification, supports 50x digital zoom, and supports macro photography. With the powerful performance, Huawei Mate X5 achieves full-time, full-focus ultra-clear shooting, which can meet the needs of beautiful moments when you like to freeze outdoors.

In the end, when competitors were still uniformly adopting the purchasing supply chain of foreign Corning gorilla glass screens, Huawei first set a new benchmark for the whole industry with Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass, and also took the lead in starting the inner roll of mobile phone screen glass.

Huawei has not only raised the reliability threshold of its flagship machine, but also made the inner and outer screens of "unbreakable" and "soft but not hard" folding screens become a new benchmark.

Driven by Huawei's innovation, it will also exert an imperceptible influence on consumers' minds, making consumers have higher requirements for wrestling resistance and reliability of mobile phone screens. Competitors are also forced to "get involved" in the race track where mobile phone screens are resistant to falls, resulting in rapid progress in the smartphone industry as a whole, and consumers ultimately benefit.

Of course, thanks to Huawei's technology first-mover advantage, the ultra-reliable strength of folding screen products such as Huawei Mate X5 will also achieve a long-time, long-distance lead throughout the reliability track and become the real first choice for high-end users.

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