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Who's lying? The latest research says Tesla has the highest accident rate in the automobile industry.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua) A new study based on insurance claims data shows that Tesla drivers have the highest traffic accident rate in the automobile industry, contrary to Tesla's previous claim that the Autopilot function can greatly reduce the accident rate. So, who is lying?

Tesla once issued a "Autopilot Safety report", which tracked the mileage and accident frequency of his vehicle with and without Autopilot use, and compared it with the industry average. Tesla used the report to claim that his Autopilot technology has significantly improved driving safety, and that even without using Autopilot, the average accident rate of Tesla's vehicles is much lower than the US average.

However, noted that Tesla stopped issuing the safety report last year, and there has been little data disclosure on Autopilot and fully autopilot technology since then.

Now, a new study by US lender LendingTree based on insurance claims data shows that the accident rate of Tesla drivers is much higher than that of other brands. LendingTree analyzed millions of insurance claims data and ranked the brands with the highest accident rate per 1000 drivers, with Tesla at the top.

So whose data is correct?

Tesla may argue that they are using data based on the mileage between accidents, but this can only hold up if the average mileage of Tesla drivers is higher than the industry average, which is not the case. Electrek said the data they found showed that the average annual mileage of Tesla drivers was about 10000 miles, compared with the US average of about 12000 miles.

It is worth noting that Tesla seems to count only accidents that "trigger airbags or other restraint devices", while LendingTree covers all insurance claims, including minor scratches that do not trigger airbags, which may explain the huge difference between the two findings.

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