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QQ Music's music listening report is online in 2023. take a look at your annual song list.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens guser and Jasmine for the clue delivery! news on December 20, as 2024 approaches, QQ Music today announced the launch of the 2023 music report, and users can go to the official App to check their own reports.

Official copywriter

In 2023, we walked, listened and watched, recording all the beautiful Young around us with music, creating precious memories in concerts, mountains and seas, and fireworks alleys. Now, please check your 2023 Music report. This art gallery you have built with these musical memories is waiting for you to patronize and open. If all people's musical memories come together, what should it look like? From December 23 to December 24, I came to Tianmu in Hangzhou to witness this "Music and Art Exhibition heard by a billion people". I want to hear it. Music is more Young, immersive feeling the double feast of vision and hearing!

Different from previous years, this year's QQ Music music report not only summarizes the annual song list, but also follows the trend to analyze the "Music Personality of the year", similar to the MBTI personality analysis of this year's fire. noted that QQ Music also announced that he would hold a "Music and Art Exhibition heard by a billion people" at the Tianmuli complex in Hangzhou from December 23 to December 24. The details are unknown, so interested friends can follow them.

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