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Meta Quest Pro head shows new tongue tracking function, which makes VR social more real.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- although Meta Quest Pro headset supports facial recognition, there has always been a gap where when you stick out your tongue in front of a virtual mirror, the immersion of the whole experience will be broken instantly. Not only that, the lack of tongue tracking also limits the richness of users' expression in VR.

The good news is that Meta has finally listened to everyone's feedback. In the latest version of Unity and native code SDK v60, Meta quietly updated its facial tracking OpenXR extension to identify the degree of tongue protruding.

Although the official Meta Avatars SDK has not yet adapted to this new feature, the new tongue sticking out skill can be unlocked as soon as the third-party avatar solution is updated to SDK v60.

Independent developer korejan moves quickly, and its ALVR (VRFaceTracking) module has taken the lead in supporting ALXR (an open source alternative to PC VR streaming comparable to Virtual Desktop / Steam Link / Quest Link), implemented tongue tracking in VRChat, and released a demonstration video. noted that while Steam Link and Virtual Desktop also support Quest Pro's original facial tracking and can be used in VRChat, to unlock tongue tracking, you need to wait for the two apps to be updated to support the v60 SDK version.

However, due to poor sales of Quest Pro, third-party developers are not enthusiastic about its facial tracking support. Although Meta's own Horizon suite fully supports this feature, VRChat's stand-alone app only supports eye tracking, and Rec Room and Bigscreen have not even joined facial tracking and eye tracking.

Although the market performance of Quest Pro is not as good as expected, Meta has not given up its software support. This tongue tracking update proves this again after the previous improvement in mixed reality performance.

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