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Huawei Wi-Fi 7 route BE3 Pro 2.5GE is pre-sold tonight, with a hand price of 499 yuan.

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Thank netizens soft media Xinyou 2208754 for the clue delivery! news on December 20, Huawei routing BE3 Pro 2500m network port version will start pre-sale at 18:00 today, with a hand price of 499 yuan. Before this 1000m net port version has been on sale, to the hand price of 399 yuan. learned that the router is equipped with quad-core Wi-Fi 7 technology and claims a maximum network speed of 3600 Mbps. It adopts the new 4K QAM modulation mode, which further suppresses the data density, and can transmit more data at the same time, and the rate is 20% higher than the 1024 QAM of Wi-Fi 6.

Huawei routing BE3 Pro supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-link aggregation, which greatly increases network speed and reduces latency; dual Wi-Fi, which supports chip-level collaboration, increases the speed of Huawei devices intelligently. Officials say the download speed of the new product has increased by 92%, and the game delay has dropped by 77%.

Huawei routing BE3 Pro is equipped with four high-performance signal amplifiers, the coverage is increased by 40%, and the medium-and long-distance speed is increased by 30%. It is equipped with a 2500-megabit fast network port, which can cope with more than gigabit bandwidth, and can also be equipped with home storage to build a high-speed home data center. Gigabit dedicated electronic network port is equipped to give priority to the transmission of game data.

In addition, the product is also equipped with Huawei's self-developed Game Turbo engine to intelligently identify popular PC games and mobile games, and automatically open its own game channel. Huawei route BE3 Pro 2.5GE499 yuan direct link Beijing East Huawei route BE3 Pro399 yuan direct link

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