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Lenovo Yang Yuanqing was elected the first president of the Huizhou Merchants Association, and BYD Wang Chuanfu was elected honorary president.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, according to Lenovo Group official news, today, the first member Congress of the Huizhou Merchants Association was held, and Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of the Lenovo Group, was elected and became the first president of the Huizhou Merchants Association.

At the meeting, Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery Holdings, Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of iFLYTEK, and Hong Qinghua, Chairman of Shanghai Jingyu Group, were elected Executive Directors; Gui Sihai, Chairman of Hong Kong Ocean Shipping Group, was elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board; Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD, was elected Honorary President; and Li Xiting, Chairman of Mindray Medical, was elected as consultant.

Yang Yuanqing said in his inaugural speech that the establishment of the Huizhou Merchants Association is of great significance. "as a native of Hefei, I deeply feel that I have a great responsibility and a glorious mission, and I will try my best to live up to expectations." He said.

According to reports, the Huizhou Merchants Association will strengthen its service function by setting up advisory committees, investment and financing committees, legal advisory panels, special committees for new energy vehicles, new generation information technology, large health industries, and young Huizhou merchants, preparing for the construction of the "Huizhou Merchants World living Room", holding high-quality Huizhou Merchants forums, and other measures to enable Huizhou merchants enterprises to develop with high quality.

In addition, the Huizhou Merchants Association will combine the advantages of Anhui's local development, guide more funds and projects to invest in the Jianghuai land, attract more talents and technology, and use the strength of industry to support Anhui's "three places and one district" construction and high-quality development. Note: Yang Yuanqing was born in Hefei, Anhui Province. He received his master's degree in computer science from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1989. After graduation, Yang Yuanqing left Hefei and went north to join Lenovo.

Lenovo Group said that under the leadership of Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Group has become a global high-tech company, operating in more than 180 countries and regions, with annual revenue of more than 420 billion yuan. In 2011, Lenovo invested in Lianbao Technology, the world's largest R & D and manufacturing base for intelligent computing equipment in Hefei. Lianbao Technology has become one of the enterprises with the highest revenue in Anhui. In 2022, Lianbao Technology achieved 127.4 billion yuan in revenue and 7.4 billion US dollars in annual exports, making it the largest foreign trade enterprise in Anhui for eight consecutive years, bringing nearly 100000 jobs.

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